Binance: Probably The Best Exchange

Binance: Probably The Best Exchange

Binance what it is and how it works , here you will see the complete operation of binance a valid portal around the world where to buy and sell countless low-value cryptocurrencies, to wait for the great rise ...

Very good to all, today we have to learn to use the binance portal, a page valid for everyone that will allow us to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies , with which we will be able to speculate with its price to earn some money or also use it as our personal wallet for bitcoin and thus exchange our bitcoin for any other cryptocurrency that we think will be more profitable.


Binance is a reputable portal that was born thanks to the emergence of different cryptocurrencies such as IOTA, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, etc ... and a long infinity of different cryptocurrencies that we will be able to buy or sell.


So in today's article we will see:

  • The Main Features of Binance
  • How to Enter Balance in Binance
  • How to Buy other Cryptocurrencies on Binance



Binance What it is and How it Works «Features»

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Language:   Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, French, German

Accepted Countries:   Everyone.

Referral levels:  1 level

Entry Mode: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash and many more

Withdrawal Mode: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash and many more

Minimum to request Withdrawal: It depends on the Cryptocurrency that we want to withdraw.

Minimum to enter Balance: It depends on the Cryptocurrency that we want to enter.


  • Serves as a bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency wallet
  • It serves as an Exchange to exchange some currencies for others.

App: Yes for Android (Google Play)

Others: Read the full article and watch the video to understand Binance what it is and how it works in its entirety because it is worth it, understand the portal well.


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Binance what it is and how it works Tutorial in Spanish




Binance What it is and How it Works  «How it works»

As we have commented in previous paragraphs, Binance will serve as a purse to store any cryptocurrency, but it will also allow us to acquire new cryptocurrencies that are coming to the market to take advantage of the good moment that each one of them enjoys and obtain a profitability with the rise of its assets.


1-  Enter Balance in Binance

In Binance is and How it Works not going to put money in dollars or euros, binance allows us to enter criptomonedas is your platform, either Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc .. . or any of the ones you offer us within your platform.


1.1- How to Enter Balance in Binance

To enter balance in Binance, it is as simple as copying the address of our bitcoin wallet or the currency that we are going to send and put it in the processor or page where we have the bitcoins that we want to send and to take our bitcoin wallet we must do:

  1. We press at the top right next to the language flag, where a half-bodied face appears .
  2. We see that a menu appears, there we must click on the second option , where it says "Estimated Total Value" .
  3. Once there, we look for the currency that we want to enter and click on "Deposits" .

In this way we get an individual code for each user which will be our wallet, either bitcoin or the currency we want.

I leave you some images so that you can see that Binance provides each of us with addresses for all cryptocurrencies , thus being able to deposit the one that we want at all times.

In the example you can see how I have taken the address of my Bitcoin wallet, that of Ethereum and that of Litecoin, having been able to have the address of dozens of cryptocurrencies.

 Click on the images to see in detail


binance-litecoin-compressor Binance-Ethereum-compressor binance-bitcoin-compressor  

The code that we can see inside the green circle is the code of our wallet, we must bear in mind that each cryptocurrency generates a different code for us, so if we are going to enter Bitcoin, we must take the bitcoin code but If we are going to enter Ethereum or another cryptocurrency we must take the code that each cryptocurrency generates, therefore, it has given you an example with three different currencies.




1.2- Methods to Enter balance in Binance

Binance, being a valid platform throughout the world , it  is very important that we have clear the best possibilities that exist in each country to enter balance , therefore, we will see a detailed summary of the different possibilities that we have:


Valid Worldwide:

  • One of the possibilities that we have to enter a balance within binance, is to  use all the pages that we have to  Earn Free Bitcoin  and when it comes time to collect from those pages we must enter the bitcoin wallet code that Binance provides us .


Valid in Europe, the United States or Canada:

  • The best option to enter cryptocurrencies for users from Europe, the United States or Canada is  Coinbase,  a platform in which  we will be able to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, by credit card or bank transfer.  (Currently and due to the high rates of Bitcoin it is much better to buy Litecoin or Ethereum on Coinbase to put them into our Binance account).


Valid for Latin America:

  • For Latin America, one of the best options is to use  Bitso , which is  a market where users get in contact and can buy bitcoin from users in the same country , being able to pay by bank transfer within the same territory with very low commissions, paypal or others. payment processors such as Neteller, Payza, etc. These will depend on the demand in each country, but even a user from Venezuela can stay with a countryman of his and make the sale in cash.
  • Another option is to  use the payment processors themselves such as Payza, Neteller, etc ... in which you can enter a balance by credit card, PaysafeCard, etc ... to subsequently request a withdrawal in Bitcoin towards the wallet that Binance  provides you.


Buy Bitcoin with Paypal  (Worldwide) :

  • In addition,  any user from anywhere in the world who has a balance in their PayPal account and wants to buy bitcoin to enter them into their Binance account, can do so with  Virwox ,  in this case when making the purchase of bitcoin they can directly put their Bitcoin wallet of Binance, thus avoiding making more transactions to external wallets.


As you can see,  there are countless pages, wallets, etc. with which to buy bitcoin, ethereum or other currencies, which are the main currencies that we have to have and then, within Binance, exchange for those other cryptocurrencies that are very cheap  and They can have a very high projection with which to earn money.

In this article, all the methods that the users of DerrotalaCrisis recommend us will be added, yes, before we will check them and see if they really are reliable, as we have done with the previous ones that we have recommended.



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Binance what it is and how it works Tutorial in Spanish



2-  How to Buy Cryptocurrencies in Binance

Once we already have a balance within Binance, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or others, we can begin to exchange it for those currencies that , by recommendation, belief in your project or for any other circumstance, we think that they will have a great rise and they will make us earn a lot of money, yes, the currency can also drop in value, that must be kept clear and present when making our investment.


To buy any cryptocurrency what we have to do is the following:

1º- We must go to the Exchange >> Advanced section , which can be found at the top left of our screens.

Binance What it is and How it Works


2º- Once there, we select the currency that we want to buy , as I indicate in the following image:

Binance What it is and How it Works


3º- Once the currency is selected , we go to the bottom of the page and put the amount of currency that we want to buy and click on the green button that says "Buy".

Binance What it is and How it Works


With these three steps, we have already bought the desired currency with our bitcoins, likewise, you can also sell that currency by performing the same operation, but instead of putting the amount in the box that I have marked on the left, we must put it in the box on the right  and hit the pink "Sell" button.



Binance What it is and How it Works  «Others»

When you access Binance What it is and How it Works for the first time, it may seem a bit complicated to manage its page, what you must do is create an account and go touching all the options that are available within your virtual office, ( Do not be afraid because nothing happens) , once you get a little familiar, you are going to see how there really is no need to go into more aspects than I have told you:

  • Learn to enter balance as I have said in point number one, taking the code of each of the different Cryptocurrencies that there are.
  • Learn to buy another type of currency with the balance that we have previously entered.

Knowing these two things, you have already learned 90% of the operation of the platform , then you will see how there is a section where all the transactions you make come out, another place where the prices of the coins are seen, etc ... but see these options It is really easy when you have already entered your virtual office for a couple of days.


On the other hand, I want to comment that as I have said previously, there are dozens of platforms where you can buy bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. to enter within Binance , some are safer than others, others charge more or less commissions, but those that you We have indicated in this article, they are platforms studied and tested that are working perfectly , therefore, look to see which one works in your country of residence and compare it with others that you already know to get transactions with the best quality at the lowest price and if they are good, don't forget to let us know !!!


That said and with the video at the top where I explain a little more about all the functions of Binance What it is and How it works  I say goodbye kids , but remember, any questions you have down there are the comments to try to resolve it to the as soon as possible.


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• You can enter Binance from the banner below or  click Here >>

Binance what it is and how it works Tutorial in Spanish


Binance What it is and How it Works

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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