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Aklamio What it is and How it Works, learn how to earn money by recommending pages or products to your friends and get extra money at the end of the month.

Very good to all today we are going to talk about Aklamio a very similar portal has Beruby  in which we are going to earn money by buying or recommending different pages and products to our friends, that is to say we are going to earn a commission when one of our friends or ourselves Let's make some kind of purchase or registration in the different stores or shops that this platform offers us such as: Telephony, travel, clothing, insurance, sports, pets, costume jewelry, social networks, appointments, etc ...

The quantity of different products in different sectors of the trade is immense, so if we make a good promotion of any of them we can earn large commissions ranging from € 40 in telephone companies, insurance, hosting, language courses, etc ... up to a fairly high percentage of the sale made as 40% in the sale of products such as travel, computers, etc.


In Aklamio, you are not only going to earn money by recommending these products, but you can also take advantage of those discounts when you make any type of purchase, making it a very good portal to visit before making any online transaction because if the store where we are going to buy this in Aklamio we will save good money.


Aklamio What it is and How it Works


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Spanish and English Language.

Accepted Countries:  Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you have a bank account in any of these countries, you can also participate wherever you are, as well as offers from other countries .

Referral Levels:  We have 1  referral level,  They give us 10% of the commissions they generate.

Payment method: PayPal,  Bank Transfer.

Conditions to request payment: It is enough to have 1 euro to request payment.

Proof of Payment: Yes See >>

Extension: Yes, it is called Cashbar and it is a free extension that you can put in your browser just like Beruby's  that will notify you at all times of the offers or promotions that there are for each page you browse.

Others:  I advise you when you go to buy something online, first look to see if it is among the advertisers of Aklamio so you can save much more.



Aklamio What it is and How it Works «Video»


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Aklamio What it is and How it Works «Earn Money»



At Aklamio we have two different ways of earning money, one is through the promotion or purchase of your products and the other through its referral system, we see it below:


Through the Promotion and Sale of Products and Services

For our purchases, we will be able to buy products or services advertised in Aklamio and earn 100% of the advertised commission,Aklamio What it is and How it Works for this we must enter from the link that they provide us in each of their products.


For purchases or registrations of other users,  we can promote the different links that Aklamio provides us to invite anyone either through Social Networks, with a Blog, through Emails, Forums, etc ... and earn 100% of the commissions that tells us in each offer.

That is, Aklamio pay us a commission for the promotion and subsequent sale of their products, it is a good way to get extra money.


We can also share the commission with any of our friends and each win 50% of the completed offer or we can even provide you with a special link so that they are the ones who take advantage of 100% of the offer, in these two cases it is necessary that are previously registered in Aklamio.


If you look at the image above we will see the different links that they provide us:

  • Where it says "I" we find a link with which we earn 100% of all purchases made on each product, regardless of who makes them whether you are or who you invite to the offer, through Banner, propaganda in forums, Social Networks , etc…
  • Where it says "SHARE" we have another link where we share 50% of the profits with the person who subscribes to said offer.
  • And finally where it says "MY FRIEND" we will see another different link with which the profits will only be received by our guest.


Through the Aklamio Referral System

As we have commented in the characteristics section Aklamio also has a referral system that offers us:

  • 10 % of the commissions generated by your referrals in the first level.


IMPORTANT: That a referral of commissions has nothing to do to benefit from each of the offers since the percentages that are distributed do not influence the final price of the offer.



Aklamio What it is and How it Works «Others»



It also has an extension that we can install in our browser for free so that when we are browsing any associated page we will skip a notice indicating the offer that we can find if we buy it through Aklamio.

The offers that we can promote are valid worldwide, it does not need to be from the countries indicated above to take advantage of it, as long as the conditions of the offer do not state otherwise.

For Example: We, being from Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland or having a bank account in one of these countries, can announce an offer in Mexico and if we obtain a successful registration in said offer, we will receive our respective commission, always and when we respect the conditions of the offer.

Finally say that in each of the offers clearly indicates the objectives that we have to meet to receive our reward as well as the estimated time in the confirmation of the commissions generated by it before starting with the promotion of any product it is recommended to read it so that everything goes correctly.


With nothing more to say this is all about Aklamio What it is and How it Works, we add it to our portfolio of pages to earn money and I hope that it will also help you to start generating commissions with the promotion of different products.


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Aklamio What it is and How it Works

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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