Monetizing & Passive income - My earnings for June 2020

Monetizing & Passive income - My earnings for June 2020

So, here is my earnings for June using passive means (smallest amount of effort). When I say passive, I mean that I might check on it a few times a day to make sure there are no errors or user prompt. However, I don't spend more than a couple minutes the entire day. 

Swagbucks -

$48.33 (Earnings are still down in general but up from last month due to COVID affecting advertising budgets)

Gambit Rewards -

$41.62 - Paid out in Swagbucks

Honeygain -

$0 - I did not have any cashouts.

Packet Stream -


Cocoon Browser -

$0 ( They claim I broke their TOS by "gaming the system" when I actually ran it with most of what I do. ) This may be something I stop. They did just unban me but I am unable to claim at the moment. Hopefully, they payout for July.

Hideout TV - and GG2U -

$7 - Earning on this site sucked for about 3 weeks. It seems to be earning again. Crossing my fingers.

Fruitlab -

$10 - They just changed up their earning of Pips. Earnings seem to be getting a little better. Crossing my fingers

Zynn -

$50 - They changed up their earning and referrals about a week ago. Earning is terrible now. 

Total Efforts (or the lack thereof)

Other earnings

Robinhood - No referrals last month


Coinbase - (Signup bonus of $10 after buying $100 of crypto)

$9 - I received this from their "earn" section when they added Compound

My list of referrals -

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Passive earning to get paid for doing little
Passive earning to get paid for doing little

A few years back, I had heard of many ways to get paid for doing very little. I was very skeptical as it sounded to good to be true. The hardest part is merely weeding through the trash, but when you find a truly passive earner it is a gold mine.

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