Referral Trains: Good or Bad?
Referral Train

Referral Trains: Good or Bad?

Well, publish0x seems to suffer the same behavior popular at Reddit and many other places. Someone sets up an account at some money earning site and immediately posts their referral link. Sometimes people post theirs in the comments. Sometimes it is encouraged to use the OP's referral and then post yours in the comments in hopes the next person uses it. Sometimes doing this creates a chain of users using each others referrals creating a train of such content. Here are a hand full of referrals for you to consider using. If you want to hop onto a referral train, post that you used one of mine and then post yours for another person to use. 


Windscribe -

Privacy CC/Debit cards - We both get $5 when you sign up and fund your first card.

Android Virtual machines 

LDPlayer -


Swagbucks -

Gambit Rewards - - cashout in Swagbucks

Simcash -

MoneySMS - VR74F8JF

Rakuten - - We both get $20

McMoney - 2W7BWUT6

Mobile Performance Meter - 

MyPoints -

Clip Claps -

Cash Magnet -

Mistplay -

Current -

Mode Phone purchase -

Zynn (Android mobile app) - code KGPEJ6B

Brave browser -

Earn Honey -

Checkout 51 -

ibotta - ucwwuif

Receipt hog - swuss441

Receipt Pal -

Giftloop -

Cocoon Browser -

Hideout TV -

GG2U -

Idle Empire -

Chequity -

FruitLab -

BuzzBreak - B09688678

Cointiply -

Honey Chrome Extension -

Fetch Rewards -

AAMusic -  Get $5 when hitting level 2 for using this referral.

Cats Garden -

Panel App -

SavvyConnect - up to $15/month if installed on phone/tablet/PC (one device each)

Stargift -


Sell Bandwidth

IPRoyal -

Honeygain -

Packetstream -

Peer2Profit -


faucets - 3 Free claims per day



Robinhood - (we both get one free stock)

Webull -

Bumped -

Bits of Stock -

Charles Schwab -

M1 Finance - - deposit $100 and we both get $50 free

All of Us Financial - - The promo changes regularly

Firstrade - - You get one free stock with no deposit. Deposit $100 and get 2 additional stocks.



Coinbase - Signup bonus of $10 after buying $100 of crypto

Bittrex -

Probit - to $12 OXT up to $10 EOS up to $10 XLM up to $10 COMP



Electroneum mobile app - 6CB9E8

Swift Demand -


Cell Phone Rewards

Straight Talk- use code ORBR-3F76
Visible Wireless - 3m7f79
Visible Wireless - ZPL6c

Tello - - We both get $10

US Mobile - Then use code: KFARNPD during activation - We both get an award based on the plan you choose. 

Redpocket - 98EFD541A50D85FC - we both get an award based on the plan you choose.


Walmart grocery pickup & delivery - sign up for a new account and we both get $10 toward the next order

Sell unwanted Gift Cards - We both get $5


And of course



BAT - 0x153a111582Fe1AD7848E925a12f1E1F60CD687F6

BBP - BQWYn4D7GqxQn8YwMJjPVc6cQQjKqJ7duV

BBP - BSzYoSHeQGwAGseo12gq67KdL56AhVSoEV

Bitcoin - 3EJJVTphVJMJbiBXvEbZEJVaQPfTqeUJc2

Bittube - bxc4XJiiFM7KRF8Fo7pz5Z5ZjZ2CzWSFo3mBLnV4rpnoZnMHHteb9u3YM62RjJWprV2icFo1bYj6z4rHnHo3zfGT2EyA3Y9Ja


DASH - XnnWZvGVvRmB6sSqPtvQVremTUQntaf5sh

Etherium/ERC20 - 0xE02DDd7C44797f4049714B9EEb524DC74425b936


GRC - S47anztnGFmGC5rWG6uRvwGmgMVFSJhDeb

GRC - SL971gGk7vUmdhuQGFqzhSEyS7aQeH7Mgv

Litecoin - LP8XWhi7p11mNtWZZCFJeGWrKJF3xVvuQP

Monero - 46BuNvtGJtCfYB6C7jhyd16DcMasq8G9SXmqjQNG61wmCUESqKezETYPmEy8nNfpwJ8YkL7uLMU42ZwbcYn8z7JoNS2VfFm

Orchid - 0xa8684B3Ba93922fAB62B1ccd82f64923e4efEc89

RVN - RPttxFozgCBNa8zF9sY23aUeaHyBouzanz

Tezos - tz1cRzSmjuHkt8nTHfGteQcDTdF4cGRD7zcS

USDCoin - 0xdb4e5d1AfD181e2A727266047536576D74079Ee2

XVG - D67fZPiemESa7Y4C7kXn9d2sRbu2EJQxSh


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Passive earning to get paid for doing little
Passive earning to get paid for doing little

A few years back, I had heard of many ways to get paid for doing very little. I was very skeptical as it sounded to good to be true. The hardest part is merely weeding through the trash, but when you find a truly passive earner it is a gold mine.

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