platform rewards content creators with incentives in Bitcoin Cash platform rewards content creators with incentives in Bitcoin Cash

Since the launch of the platform, the Bitcoin Cash-centric blogging site has grown in popularity. The website's user base publishes interesting content and new material daily, with the most popular authors gathering advice in Bitcoin Cash for their work. Blogging Platform Takes Advantage of Peer-to-Peer Electronic Money

About a month ago, news. Bitcoin .com has reported on two blogging sites that reward crypto users for producing content. One of the platforms presented was  and since this initial report, the user base of the application has grown considerably. The creator of explains in the About section that the site allows users to publish content (text, images, videos) with the possibility of earning a  BCH  if people appreciate the work produced. “If a reader likes your content - he or she can vote for your article by sending a certain amount of bitcoin cash (  BCH ) to your online portfolio ”, notes the creator of the site.

Website publications are stored in a traditional database, but the system uses chain transactions for peer-to-peer upvote payments. "These are done in chains and resistant to censorship," says the website . While browsing the homepage or main news feed, there are a number of blog posts from unique authors covering a variety of topics. There are also a bunch of well-known BCH supporters   who use the blog site .

How to use

Signing up to is pretty intuitive and takes only a few minutes to get started. The first thing the website does after hitting the "sign up" tab at the top right of the screen is giving you a simple notice of rule disclosure. In essence, the owners of will not tolerate pornography or "anything that is hateful, name calling, gossip, attack or personal insult". If you accept this agreement, you are then directed to the registration window which asks you to enter a valid e-mail address and to give you a username You can also sign up quickly with a Cash ID and a Badger wallet so you don't have to give the website an email address.

After registering, the platform gives you a welcome message and the next screen gives you a 12-word start phrase for the   native  BCH wallet  . strongly recommends that you write the source sentence as you would any other non-custodian portfolio. The website also points out that it does not recommend storing more than $ 10-20 on the platform. From here, gives you the BCH address   attached to your account and you can start using the site.

If you want to write an article using , at the top center of the website there is a "write" tab, which takes you to a page that allows you to format an article. You are invited to add a title and a section allows you to write the body of an editorial. also allows you to add a header image and a help page that teaches users how to format subtitles, italics, bold text, clipboard support, embedding images, create lists, embed videos (Youtube and Vimeo), code tags and blocks, blockquotes and more. The step-by-step guide explains how to save the work and publish the publication in the stream main when the draft is finalized.

If you hover your mouse over the username at the top right, it will show you a drop-down menu that displays your articles, saved drafts, affiliates, referrals and full access to the native wallet. With the native wallet , you can send funds to another wallet, deposit  BCH  and save your start phrase again if you lost it. also allows you to attach a unique image to your profile photo, write a biography and link some website links to your profile.

Future improvements and unique QR codes

The platform has released a roadmap, which displays a list of goals that the website developer plans to add in the future. In no particular order, the blog site hopes to add a section for communities, email notifications, user mentions, and more . A large part of the roadmap objectives have been achieved and the list shows all the tasks which have been checked. So far, it's easy to get used to, especially if you're already familiar with other social media apps and forums.

There are a large number of articles published on the platform and if you like the content of a particular author, you can give them a little  BCH  at the bottom of each article. In order to vote for the content and give the author  BCH  , simply press the button that says “encourage the author to write more.” You must have  BCH  in your native wallet to tip the author, but if you have not deposited funds, you can choose to use a single QR code invoice. userscan also share content with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest. If you want to continue following the work of an author, you can subscribe to an individual writer's feed.

A giant obstacle: amplifying the network effect of decentralized social media is promising, but like many other blogging sites that exploit cryptocurrencies, it will have to continue to attract users. Many platforms have attempted to create blogs and social media sites that incorporate the benefits of censorship-resistant onchain transactions. However, they have all faced a huge obstacle that amplifies enough network effect to overcome the centralized incumbents.

Still, the use cases and platforms that exploit cryptocurrencies are still young and it's possible that one of them could potentially gain ground on a social media giant. Especially when the platform is powered by the global user base and it rewards users for their good content. Such platforms are nothing like today's centralized blogging sites that censor people while reaping 100% of the benefits produced by popular content creators. The hope is that one day applications like, and other solutions powered by crypto will break the mold.

What do you think of the blogging platform ? Have you tried a platform that exploits cryptocurrencies and content sharing? Let us know what you think of this topic in the comments section below.

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