Justin Sun From TRON Offers $ 1 Million Bonus After Hacking Twitter

TRON and Justin Sun of BitTorrent have offered a $ 1 million bonus to anyone who succeeds in locating the people behind the latest Twitter hack.

It's not often that the worlds of technology, crypto, politics and celebrities converge, but that's exactly what happened on July 15 after a bitcoin distribution scam was featured on dozens of major Twitter accounts. From billionaires to entrepreneurs and crypto traders to exchanges, high-level accounts of all kinds were targeted in a daring hack that left Twitter reeling.

Names like Binance , Coinbase , Kanye West, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet all had their accounts compromised and used to share a "gift" that promised to double the BTC of anyone who sent bitcoin to a specific address.

As reported by  CryptoPoatato   , the account of TRON founder Justin Sun was also compromised in the attack. Now Sun has promised to eliminate the culprits by paying a million dollar bonus for information leading to their identification.

In a message tweeted by BitTorrent , whose account has not been affected by piracy, Sun promised to "personally pay those who have managed to track down and to provide evidence to prosecute the pirates / people behind this hacking affecting our community.

Twitter hacking post-mortem begins

The first signs are that Twitter hacking is the work of an insider - potentially a rogue employee with access to a dashboard used to control accounts of influential users. Access to these accounts is closely controlled by Twitter.

Whatever the source of the attack, it generated headlines around the world, while painting Bitcoin in a bad light. Although the hack is not directly related to the protocol Bitcoin , attackers have demanded payment in BTC .

As a result, many unsuspecting bitcoin holders have been forced to part with their funds in the hope of receiving double that in return.

Celebrities caught in the crosshairs

Many celebrity accounts of large-scale hacking have been suspended as a result of Twitter's attempt to resolve the issue. Justin Sun and the Foundation TRON have also seen their accounts temporarily suspended as a result of the attack, which also aimed Gemini KuCoin, Bitfinex, Ripple and Cash App.

Sun's decision to issue a million dollar bounty to identify the hackers appears to have arisen out of a desire to take over the reputation of the industry. The founder of TRON famously had lunch with Warren Buffet, whose Twitter account was among those compromised, and Sun seems anxious to send a message that the crypto community will not tolerate scammers.

There is evidence that the attack started with the account of the crypto trader AngeloBTC before spreading to other top follower accounts such as Binance . In a statement, Justin Sun said:

"We are working closely with Twitter to resolve this issue immediately and return our accounts to normal. We are always vigilant in the processing of our accounts; operate safely and responsibly - taking the security of our accounts to the highest possible standards. "

He added: "This only further illustrates the urgent need for our society to adopt decentralized and unreliable software and services."

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