Cardano Battra The “Ethereum Beast” - Charles Hoskinson

Cardano Battra The “Ethereum Beast” - Charles Hoskinson

  • In an interview, Charles Hoskinson again pointed out that Cardano is clearly superior to competing projects like Ethereum .
  • Cardano's team is made up of experts from science, finance and the technology sector, who are advancing the adaptation process.

In a new interview, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson describes that the community will soon understand why Cardano is significantly better than Ethereum 2.0 in many areas. Hoskinson says that the adaptation is progressing, the team working hard day and night to make Shelley take off. In addition,   Cardano   has the best developers in the industry:

We have built many things to integrate some of the best programmers in the world into our system. The guys who write Haskell code are not normal developers. They are not JavaScript kittens, they all have twenty years of experience as a developer. […] Many of them are domain experts and financial engineers, because they write Haskell for Barclays Bank, they write Haskell for Wall Street Shops […].

Hoskinson further explained that Cardano provides a unique platform on which developers can work on distributed applications that will bring tremendous value to the society of tomorrow. He mentioned the voucher program in Ethiopia, where local farmers can access the financial system and earn 20% more than before.

The CEO of IOHK is convinced that Cardano provides a complex ecosystem,   Ethereum   is superior in many areas. Scalability, connectivity for businesses and adaptation will progress considerably over the next few years, surpassing Ethereum :

I don't have to go tell everyone that we're going to defeat the great Ethereum beast . I just let them do their thing, let them think they're really as big as they say they are. We believe that we have an excellent strategy for ensuring that the chain and off-chain balance are treated as service-oriented architecture.

Hoskinson also said that it is important to continue adaptation not to force companies to use the ecosystem, but to create interfaces so that other ecosystems can be connected to Cardano . He wants to convince big tech and finance companies to use the Cardano blockchain architecture , and then attract other heavyweights to the new system by recommendation.

Interoperability with other blockchains will also be important for further progress in adaptation. Cardano had previously written a research paper in the past that looked specifically at this problem and presented a possible solution through the "non-interactive proof of work" approach.

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