Shorts cryptonews for this week 4/52 (2022)

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 29 Jan 2022

- Bitcoin had continued its slide reaching $33k. The market followed suit and capitalization fell below $1.5 trillion, or -50% since the November 2021 ATH.

- With an annualized energy consumption of 89 TWh, the Bitcoin mining network uses approximately 0.05% of the total energy consumed worldwide, measured at 162,194 TWh. (CoinShares Research)

- Miners in Kazakhstan have been without power due to a tense situation linked to a shortage in the country. 

- IMF calls on El Salvador to withdraw Bitcoin as official currency due to "significant risks associated with its use". (Coindesk)

- The FED has decided to maintain its key rates between 0 and 0.25%, but plans to raise them in March. (FED)

- Telegram founder Pavel Durov criticized the Central Bank of Russia's report proposing the banning of cryptocurrencies because it will lead to a drain of specialists and destroy high-tech industries. Moreover, Vladimir Putin also opposes these recommendations and claims that the country has a competitive advantage in Bitcoin mining. (Cointribune). And, he supports the government's proposal to regulate crypto-mining in the country. (Bloomberg)

- The Biden administration is expected to release a comprehensive government cryptocurrency strategy in February aimed at setting policy and regulating the sector, according to people familiar with the matter (Bloomberg)

- Reddit is following Twitter's lead and testing NFT profile pictures. (Cointelegraph)

- Binance has signed an agreement with the Argentine Football Association to become the main sponsor of the country's national team for 5 years. (Binance)

- Meta is looking to sell its Diem (Libra) l cryptocurrency project for $200 million. (META)

- Warner Music Group has teamed up with NFT The Sandbox project to host their first-ever concert in the metaverse.

- The CEO of Apple announces that the company is actively investing in the metaverse which is for it a "new and emerging technology" with "a lot of potential". (AppleInsider)

- Google Cloud should "soon" accept cryptocurrencies. (Blockworks)


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Crypto on fire
Crypto on fire

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