Shorts cryptonews for this week 11/52 (2022)

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 19 Mar 2022

- BTC price crosses $41,000 mark

- The VISA network processed a volume of $10.4 trillion in transactions in 2021. As for Ethereum, more than 11.6 trillion dollars. (Blockworks)

- The Binance BNB Chain blockchain recorded 120 million more transactions in February than Ethereum. (Beincrypto)

- Already named in 2021 by TIME among the 100 most influential people in the world, the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin is this time on the front page of the magazine.

- Coinbase generated $2.2 billion in revenue from transaction fees in Q4 2021 (Coinbase)

- The European MiCA law has temporarily set aside the ban on "Proof of Work" cryptocurrencies, but an "ecology" tax will be put in place by 2025 for their mining. (Euronews)

- The number of Metamask users has increased by 42% in just 4 months, surpassing 30 million people. By the way Metamask has confirmed its intention to issue its own token and launch the DAO. (Decrypt)

- HSBC Bank ($3 trillion in assets) is one of the first to enter the Sandbox metaverse, buying a virtual plot of land. (Coindesk)

- Ukraine announces using NFTs to tell the story of the Russian invasion. (Theguardian)

- Ukraine has legalized cryptocurrencies on its territory. It is now possible to open accounts there and legally exchange foreign and local cryptocurrencies. (Coindesk)

- Turkey Vita Plus Ambulance Service accepts Shiba Inu as payment. (

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