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Short cryptonews for this week11/52 (2023)

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 18 Mar 2023

- Bitcoin recovers from USDC's fall against the US dollar, it climbs above the $27,000 mark (There are less than 1.7 million BTC left to mine).

- Circle (USDC), has asked the US Congress to regulate the "stablecoins" market as soon as possible.

- Binance's USDC balance is the largest among exchanges, with a platform balance of 5.16 billion USDC. Crypto. com comes second with a balance of 785 million USDC. Next is OKX with a balance of 420 million USDC.

- USDT has held steady during the crisis as a reminder Tether processed $18.2 trillion in transactions in 2022, putting it ahead of traditional payment processors like Visa and Mastercard.

- Uniswap hit its highest daily volume of nearly $12 billion amid the crisis, marking another ATH for the platform and ⁠officially extends exchange services to the BNB chain.

- Coinbase adds DeFi applications Uniswap and Aave to its Base blockchain.

- The Filecoin virtual machine is brought online with smart contracts.

- Goldman Sachs has filed a patent to integrate blockchain into its payment system.

- National Australia Bank (NAB), made the first cross-border stablecoin transaction.

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Crypto on fire
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