NEW : Odysee, an alternative to YouTube age ?

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 12 Nov 2020


Before Covid ( B.C.), it was Youtube, the business model was based on advertising. And the "cryptoaddict"  don't like advertisements, that is why every body use Brave browser now ; with Brave you can see all YouTube video without advertisements and earn BAT of course (and PRE if you link the Presearch engine).

Odysee avoids this disadvantage and adds so many other advantages, based on the Blockchain the first one is that you can earn LBC token (Bittrex, CoinEx,...). This new (crypto)model allows you to monetize your channels, and earn with other and without any censorship, this is another very important point in favor of Odysee. One more thing before you discover this new generation media Odysee (theme : Tech, News, Finance 2.0, Nice people,  etc ...),  you can import your video from B.C. age i.e. from YouTube 

Note: In the logo Odysee seems to be on the way to the moon !$/invite/@pasucaru:6

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pass fire

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