$ASSY a new DeFi index in one token

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 15 Jan 2021

Since the summer 2020, the decentralized finance (DeFi) appears to be the future full decentralized system for cryptocurrency. With DeFi protocol you can also access governance and farm your token to get rewards.
If the USDC seems to be the best stablecoin for centralized exchange (since USDT is the SEC's target, will see...), DAI seems to be the good one for DEFI. About Token, one of them the DeFi Yearn system is YFI (web 3.0 protocol) and PowerIndex introduced in december 2020 an ERC-20 token index for DeFi  with $YETI (In addition percentage and token included can be ajusted)  : 

$YETI (December 2020)    $YETI (january 2021)


and with other token like SNX, AAVE,...:   $PIPT  :

$PIPT (january 2021)

An other index but not a token could be find with DeFi Pulse Index (Tokensets platform, I hope they could push their own token soon) :

DeFi Pulse Index

Following this tendency, a new token  will be introduce soon : $ASSY  (Aave, Snx, Sushi, Yfi): 

$ASSY draft


NB: For CeFi, you can find such an index with 5, 10 or 20 crypto-currencies including the boss BTC with the Bitpanda index (up to date monthly) in order to optimize your long term investment (for Europe). I hope the swiss platform, SwissBorg, will do the same soon with its A.I. system which can analyse the market... 


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