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By xe-non | Particl Page | 11 May 2021

In anticipation of much-awaited updates to Particl governance model, we’re doing our best to support this transformation to a more decentralized nature of the whole Particl project.

We’re welcoming these changes with open arms and firmly believe it will enable unseen cooperation and a more resilient development of the whole ecosystem.

Staking pool updates

Our staking pool is operating since 2018 and since then, it’s reliably securing the Particl network with almost 17% of all PART coins.

Today we bring yet another additions to the Pool!

Proposal voting overview

As Pool operators (us) are responsible for voting with all coins staking on a Pool, we took advantage of the latest development updates made by Tecnovert and integrated the Voting page overview into our Pool.

Voting overview on

Voting overview on

This new page will show you Pool’s voting decisions, on behalf of coins staking on it. It’s advised to check this page regularly with each upcoming Proposal, to know what are your coins voting for (in case you’re staking with us of course).

Unfortunately, there’s currently no ideal way of making you, the stakers on a Pool, decide what should the Pool vote for. If this will change in the future, we’ll do whatever we can to enable it.

Until then, the best way to stake is, of course, on your own. You’ll be solely responsible for your staking device (as cheap as Raspberry Pi), but more importantly, you could vote as you want.

Ready for voting

As you can see from the Voting overview yourselves, we aleady set our preferences for the upcoming vote about Delegated Output Claim Management.

With Proposal ID 7, we’re voting yes to give the Particl team and core community members the priviledges to resolve the frozen Anon (RingCT) outputs after the latest hardfork.

Testnet pool re-launched

Another, probably not such exciting news, is a re-launch of our testnet Pool.

Not really useful for a “normal” use cases, testnet Pool works only with (worthless) testnet PART coins.

Testers beware! That might come in handy in various public testing rounds of the upcoming Particl Desktop v3.0 for example. Go crazy!

New status page live

Now something for your peace of mind. We’re making our status page public. It’s tracking two of our services every 5 minutes – Particl Stats and our mainnet staking Pool. In case of server issues, we’re being notified so we can react fast. From now on, you can make use of it as well; e.g. in case you can’t reach the Pool – simply check if it’s really offline or if it’s issue only on your side.

You bet we’re proud of our 99.9% uptime!

You bet we’re proud of our 99.9% uptime!

Either way, when Pool goes offline from time to time (which happens), it’s due to server maintenance, upgrading the Pool to the newest Particl Core version or to bring you some new features.

You’re kindly invited to join our Particl community on Riot, Discord, Telegram and the official forums.

And keep in touch with us, on Twitter, Medium or Publish0x. We’ll be happy to have you!

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