I Don't Want a Stupidphone!

I Don't Want a Stupidphone!

By 60sfan | Paragraphs | 2 Oct 2020

No Smartphone!
Seriously. I could care less about smartphones. I do have a tablet, but I mostly use that to play games and listen to music in my spare time. I almost never take it outside the house with me.

I am not married nor in a relationship, nor do I want to be (though I reject that whole "MGTOW" label). I am something of an introvert, though I obviously do not mind putting these thoughts out. I mean, I recently published a novella and am working on another right now. I am also writing a rant about smartphones.

People have pressured me into getting one. Some people ten years OLDER than me encouraged me to get one. They asked, "what if you're lost and no one is around?" I answered, "I will walk and find someone, or die."

My flip-phone is wonderful. It is enough for me, although sometimes I hate having that, too. When I go out, it is because I have business to do. Business with myself. "I need to go shopping." I tell myself "That is what I went outside for, and I am not to be disturbed." Part of the joy of being outside, for me, is that I am FREE!!

I honestly believe that smartphones only hurt us, not help us. Does anyone else believe that the internet has made people LESS social? I do.

Call me a wimp, but whenever I want to introduce myself to some girl and she is suddenly looking at a smartphone screen, I walk away. My heart almost sinks. I don't want a sweetheart like that anymore than a girl would actually want a guy like that. But what do I know? Do you want a sweetheart like that? Maybe some people want that.

I am not against the internet, obviously. I have email, I have Hive/Ecency. But when I am out, I am out for a reason: I want to do something and I do not want to be disturbed, whether it be shop, feel the breeze on my face, practice my photography or get some exercise, I want to be away from social media for a while. I want to be in my own world, for a while, not in everyone else's. I am home right now. I would never write this anywhere else. I do not mind if you read this, please give it a like. Playing mobile games is something to do on my tablet at home.



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