Parachute Weekly Update: PAR on CMC, The Parachute Story, AXPR on Binance Chain, Opacity Willard... – 21 Jun - 27 Jun'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 10 Jul 2019

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Hiya folks! Here’s your week at Parachute (21 Jun - 27 Jun'19):


This was the biggest week at Parachute yet. So we will need multiple paragraphs for Parachute in this update. It has been a long time coming. PAR got listed on CoinMarketCap and we are super stoked about it! Some of the factors that led upto the listing were – 80k BOMB tokens tipped around in ParJar in 29k tips and Weekly ParJar user chart going parabolic. Thanks once again to BOMB for the shoutout! Great chemistry indeed. This was also an appropriate time to share the Parachute story – how it all started, where we are right now and where we are headed to. One step at a time towards #cryptoforeveryone. What a journey! Also, Cap published the PAR tokenomics article for anyone wanting to see how it will move around in the Parachute ecosystem.

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Ice @Parachute HQ on a Saturday contemplating “What is Parachute?”


The CMC listing called for a celebratory Parena. And glorious it was! Blood was spilled, alliances crushed and in the end Marcone stood victorious. He took home 150k PAR from a 525k PAR pot. Still not sure how Parena works? Well, TTR folks got your back. Community members from the tip room made some amazing Video Tutorials on Parena. Click here to check them out! ParJar turned into trivia central this week with Victor, Ian (props to Rene for sticking with “Picasso” for every answer in the art quiz. Lol), Afful and Sophie hosting back to back quizzes. A total of 245k PAR were given out. Say what! This week’s two-for-Tuesday theme was cover songs.

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Jason’s beer consignment from last week reached its destination. Cheers Chris!


Sebastian had taken the lead in the Big Chili Race in the middle of the week, only to be beaten by Tony (again!) by the end of the week at 38 cm. The ultra hots breached 20 cm just this week. Gian announced the start of the Big Brother 21 contest with a 240k PAR pot. BB fans assemble! Watch out for updates from GC in Parachute. Facebook just announced the Libra cryptocurrency project and we had to get in on that discussion. Right on cue, this week’s Parachute + Uptrennd brainstorm session was based on how Libra would impact crypto.

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Alexis repping PAR with that uber cool OG gear


New feature alert on ParJar: type /price and then coin/token ticker to get current price statistics in USD (Eg. /price PAR) OR, type /price then coin/token ticker and then a representing coin/token/currency ticker (any one between BTC/ETH/LTC/XLM/XRP/BCH/CAD/EUR/GBP/PLN/RUB) to get price statistics in representing currency (Eg. /price PAR ETH to get price statistics of PAR in ETH) [P.S. It is recommended to use the /price function in PM with the bot to avoid spam]. Oh and did I mention that ParJar tip confirmation messages now include the tipper as well? This will help keep an audit trail of tips should it be required. Also, check out the revised Parachute 101 Doc. It is a whitepaper/roadmap/plan/technical documentation/pitch deck all rolled into one. Can’t get simpler than that. For ParJar support issues, we have a specific channel now to handle individual cases. Plus, there’s new Parachute swag in the Parachute Shop now. Thanks Clinton!

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New group logo. Clean and simple


Whew! And we are not done yet. This was just Parachute news. For partner news, keep reading! aXpire is now integrating with Binance Chain to create a BEP2 version of AXPR for trading on Binance Dex. Woohoo! Remember, we had mentioned that Fantom was open sourcing its ERC20-BEP2 bridge? Well, that’s what’s helping aXpire get to BEP2. Thanks Fantom! The ERC20 version of the token will also continue to exist and this is not a token swap. Just a means to be able to trade on Binance Dex. aXpire aired the first ever episode of its Blockchain for Good Series which talks about use of blockchain in humanitarian aid. The project got a detailed feature on SS Connection’s video this week. The team wasn’t even aware until a community member pointed it out. Spanish speakers, enjoy! aXpire also attended the Crypto Evolved conference hosted by Viable Mkts this week. Don’t forget to check out the detailed piece by CardRates that covers the various enterprise solutions offered by aXpire.

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aXpire at Crypto Evolved Conference


BOMB token was listed on Switcheo this week in a Flash Listing. What this means is if BOMB trade volumes are sustained over a month, the listing will be permanent. One cool feature of Switcheo is that you can create OTC deals on it. Heard the BOMB Theme Song yet? A community member made a super catchy one. Listen in here. BOMB core developer Austin sat down for an interview with Crypto Lifestyle this week to delve into the project and talk all things BOMB. The BOMB Video contest is on full swing with terrific entries in already. Check out this tweet thread to watch some of them. CoinsOnFire’s review of BOMB is up too. Have a read! And finally a big one. Founder Zachary Dash’s tete-a-tete with Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White is out now.

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Can’t get over how deeply analysed Benjamin’s BOMB Reports are


Horizon State was featured in a list compiled by researcher Ellis Jones covering the various ways blockchain was creating social impact. Founder Nimo also shared his observation this week (in his weekly “Good Dickens” message) that sales calls to countries for their elections are proving to be futile and expensive. “Instead, we are now targeting companies and other entities who need relatively lower-stake votes….The plan is to get a good number of happy customers - so that any subsequent sale becomes a bit easier”. Sounds like a great plan! Like always, the District Weekly and Dev Update provide ample news from District0x. Similarly Bounty0x’s Distribution Report and Product Update should be of interest to bounty hunters and BNTY fans. Switch’s ESH token got listedon Instantbitex this week. ETHOS is now listed on Simple Swap and Change NOW. And Birdchain’s BIRD token was listed on P2PB2B exchange.

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First 5 days of the 2gether referral program


Hydro founder Matthew Kane travelled to Tel Aviv this week to speak at the FinTech Junction Conference on Digital Transformations in the Banking sector (click here for pics). Check out Mark Anstead’s quick intro videos on Hydro products and Hydro Pay. The team also announced the start of a video contest this week for some cool HYDRO up for grabs. Check out the deets here. The Hydro Pay platform also has some pretty cool referral bonuses. If you haven’t seen them yet, have read of this article for a quick lowdown. The Opacity 101 article came out this week. It’s a comprehensive guide to get started using the platform from scratch. Plus, Tim made a cool new bot to share Opacity Gift Codes with each other. There are 8 codes in the article but they are probably all redeemed by now. Fantom’s push for transparency has already seen tie-ups with Messari and Binance (V label). In line with this, the project also partnered with Xangle. CMO Michael Chen has been travelling this week to speak about Fantom - at Blockchain Expo and ZKLux#1. Reflecting on the Binance listing, the Fantom team listed their top takeaways in this tweet thread. KuCoin moved FTM to its KuCoin Plus Trading Area which is the exchange’s own curated list of top projects. Woot! Weiss Ratings’ review of FTM was also published this week. Check it out! Fantom's infographic contest has been seeing some stellar entries already. Click here to check an absolute stunner. And finally, the Wednesday airdrops have now started on the WednesdayClub dApp. Get in on it!


And with that we close for this week at Parachute. See you tomorrow with another update and then we will be all caught up. Ciao!


This article is a repost of our weekly update post.

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