What The Heck Are Reddit r/CryptoCurrency MOONS? The Ultimate Guide to MOONs. I Searched Through Every MOON Flair Post On Reedit.
Taken from the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit

What The Heck Are Reddit r/CryptoCurrency MOONS? The Ultimate Guide to MOONs. I Searched Through Every MOON Flair Post On Reedit.

By Papa Lou | Educational Papa | 22 Apr 2021

Are you curious about what the heck the MOON craze is on Reddit? 

Well, this guide should help you not only get started but thrive when navigating the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. 

After spending hours crawling the annals of the r/CryptoCurrency sub, searching for all the MOONalicious material I could find, I present to you, my crypto cousins, every resource you need to master the r/CryptoCurrency MOON.

You can find a link to the newest (04/21/2021) distribution proposal here.

Epic Collection Of MOON Related Announcements

This also includes answers to MOON Tokenomics, and why MOONS have value.

MOON Wiki Page


  • The Vault

  • Earning MOONS

  • MOON Distribution

  • Use Cases

  • MOON Burns

  • Proposals

  • Rinkeby vs. Mainnet

  • Extras

Sub Dedicated To MOONS

Ongoing List Of MOON Proposals

General Information Regarding MOONS (VIDEO)

Here is a nicely laid out video, giving you the high-points of MOONS.

Additionally, this is the official r/CryptoCurrency YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe. This is also where the MOON trivia is held most Friday afternoons (US Time).

General Information Regarding MOONS (TEXT)

Additional Info Regarding MOONS

Difference Between MOON And xMOON

Information About Reddit Vault

Another Detailed Guide On Reddit Vault

This is information about the vault, community points in general, and what the heck this vault business is all about.

Who Created Reddit Community Points?

Kraken did a nice job explaining both moons and Reddit Community Points in this article.

Website To Buy And Sell MOONS (NANO)

Here you can buy more MOONS using NANO, and sell your MOONs for NANO in an easy-to-use platform.

Website To Buy And Sell MOONS (Banano)

Guide To Buy And Sell MOONS

What Is The Price Of MOONS?

As you can see, the price is steadily increasing over time. A nice indication that contribution to this sub will benefit you, and tipping others will actually mean something of value!

META Talk: MOONS On The Blockchain

This is a nice overview of MOONS existing on the blockchain, why and how they exist.

Do You Get MOONS For Downvotes?

No. You only get MOONs for upvotes in a month's period of time.

MOON Farming Guide

Misconceptions About MOONS

Good Discussion On The Future Of MOONS


I hope this helps some of you. 

Thank you for reading. 

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