Cryptocurrency is the much-needed "Personal Finance" class missing from our education system.

By Papa Lou | Educational Papa | 24 Apr 2021

I have long stated that our education system in the US is failing our youth by not offering a proper personal finance class. No one knows the fundamentals of savings, investing, budgeting, etc. when they leave high school and college.

Given that the education system doesn't teach our youth the tools needed to be financially successful, only the few that find finance and the FIRE movement interesting will investigate and begin saving for their future.

That is, until crypto.

Crypto is fun, new, cool, and interesting to all age groups. This space is attracting young people who would have never invested in "traditional" securities on the stock market, but are ready to invest in DOGE, BTC, ETH, etc.

Now is the time for us who have been in this space to educate, encourage, and help those who seek information.

A lot of us would get in a time machine and go back to our younger selves, to DCA into a Roth IRA S&P 500 Index Fund. Oh, how wealthy we would be today.

Let's do the same for those who are new, coming here for our help.

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Educational Papa
Educational Papa

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