Was This All Planned?… The Architect & New World Order

By Panik Politics | PanikPolitics | 14 Jul 2020

A new world order is emerging. A new form of fascism has been carefully articulated, carried out, and will soon be implemented globally. How? When? COVID19, Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, may have distracted you but it is all part of the larger picture, the carefully engineered path to a state of techno-logic fascism, neo-eugenics.

The first lock down in and around the month of March 2020, I believe to have been a trial run. It gave the architect and its associates a full set of data to analyze and run the reports.

The global lock-down caused isolation, forced friends, family, and co-workers to resort to social media and technology to conduct business as usual. This isolation also led to a form of psychological manipulation, and forced consumerism (of news outlets). One death was heard around the world- pushing identity politics, and swiftly moving to a state of complete anarchy; now those same people calling to “defund the police,” suddenly want to restore their neighbourhoods and remove citizen gun ownership.

Curfew and Lock-down:

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Lock-down sets up the ability to arrest without cause- police can now gain pins, access, warrants, and any information after deeming you a danger to society as you may have come in direct contact with a person positive for COVID19. It (curfew and lock-down) enables and justifies a totalitarianism police state.


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Censorship will not be called “censorship” but enacted to protect and serve the population. It will be put in place to conceal identity politics, and push conformity. Wearing masks? Removes identity and is replaced with “social norms”. Censorship will ensure these measures of conformity are carried out and enacted through the fear of crisis. As you have most likely read, another pandemic from China is underway.

Racial Profiling:

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There no longer is a description

Racial profiling no longer exists with the new world. With technology helping to track, trace, and identify those that are “out and about” while during a lock-down, or out without purpose, completely eliminates racial profiling.

COVID19 has given the government, CDC, and other organizations the right to track and trace- determine who a “positive” test subject has come in contact with, directly and indirectly. To take it one step further, during a lock-down, an officer could determine that you have been out 2–3 times in a day, state you are at risk or have COVID19 and arrest you without cause. Those moving around can be tracked digitally- and those moving without purpose will be arrested, associated with a pandemic and deemed a danger to society. So whether or not the officer or government can prove it, they can arrest you without cause, and with this arrest get a warrant to everything you own and possess.

“Those moving around can be tracked digitally- and those moving without purpose will be arrested, associated with a pandemic, and deemed a danger to society.”

Law and Order:

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Places like CHAZ/CHOP and areas of NYC were blocked off by Black Lives Matter, and run by citizens, who ended up causing more destruction and death than when there was law and order. Within days CHAZ ran out of food, thus demonstrating that a society like this would not last, the population would go hungry- if not intimidated, extorted, or killed prior.

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These demonstrations of a failing socialistic “government” set up by the people, help propel the need for law and order. City officials all the way up to the federal government recognized even more-so the need for stricter law to create order. Black Lives Matter may distract you with their “cause” but in the greater picture, it is giving the architect perfect measures to enact law and order through legislation.

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By the end of these protests, citizens and business owners from every corner will be begging for law and order. This is already seen trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Gun Control:

Due to the use of guns for acts of anarchy, gun control laws will be easily passed. Background checks will include medical records. Anyone diagnosed with any mental health issue or demonstrates any form of disobedience online, will be denied the ability to own or possess a gun.

Identity Groups/Politics:

Identity groups will be nonexistent. Racial interbreeding neutralize individuals from identity politics and groups. Remember….JQ …does not believe themselves to be “white”. Being “white” is considered to be racist- racial interbreeding will rid of the “white” population so everyone finds one identity, a uni-culture. With complete censorship in place, this will further the need to succumb to this uni-culture.

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There will no longer be Democrat and Republican. It will be party members and non-party members of society. So either you sit back and watch, play the game like everyone OR put yourself on the other side of the line party.

It will come down to this- mark my words:

Party members that conform, work, pay taxes and produce OR non-party members that will be eliminated from society.

The choice is yours.


-Panik Politics-

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