Take The Oath - The #QAnon Phenomenon

By Panik Politics | PanikPolitics | 13 Jul 2020

It’s been a little over two weeks now since Q called upon his warriors to Take The Oath. Now trending all over #WWG1WGA twitter, citizens across the country tweet videos reciting The Oath, ‘to support and defend The United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’

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The Great Qanon Awakening has swept the nation and you can find its members all over the globe. Since it’s establishment in 2017, it’s main mission: draining the swamp and exposing the Deep State.

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First appearing on /pol 4chan, Q posted a thread titled the “Calm Before the Storm” in reference to Trump’s cryptic depiction of a gather of US Military leaders. Later moving to 8chan, Q left 4chan behind due to the belief it had been infiltrated.

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Years later, the Q army has only gone stronger, more diverse, and spread throughout every social media. Youtubers, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and other social media sites you will find a vast array of #QArmy. Dedicated to Q, they press on, spreading the message, working to expose the Deep State.

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One thing is for sure, these dedicated patriots are NOT afraid to show their face. They do not remain anonymous and they stand up for what they believe in. The self-proclaimed Digital Warriors were quick to notice General Flynn updated his profile, now reading: #TakeTheOath

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