The Reason Why Brave Browser is Better than Google Chrome

By PandamP | pandampramudya | 23 Aug 2019

In searching on the internet comfort is the main, especially if you found ads that are very annoying and look spammy you must be annoyed with the site, why the site there are many ads that are very disturbing and look spam?


Especially when I open many sites sometimes I use Google Chrome to take up my memory because the browser that looks familiar in my eyes is Google Chrome because it has very many features but has weaknesses as I mentioned before it eats a lot of memory and has lots of ads.

I am looking for a solution on how to make Google Chrome not take up too much of my memory and how to make ads on the site in Google Chrome browser not look too spam. and there I found that Brave browser can find this solution. Then I immediately downloaded it, and it turns out like downloading a browser as usual, you can download it here .

And after I tried it, wow amazing problem has been solved. brave helped me get rid of the ads in an instant, see the picture below I tried to open the coinmarketcap site and see the difference. 


The difference is that when I open the coinmarketcap site on Google Chrome there are ads and on Brave browser there are no ads of any kind because Brave browser has interesting features.


that I see this feature can block ads that interfere with any site, its performance is quite simple if you want to display it again you can click the off button on the feature.

with brave browser you can provide tipping to your friends on the features besides the block ads, with the tipping you can also support your favorite content creators. and brave now supports tipping via Twitter, so it's easier to give tips to your friends.

Apart from the advantages that Brave Browser presents to the user there are disadvantages :

1. I tried to open the site even though the site is trivial but on that site I can't open the camera. I do not know whether the block also affects the camera or not maybe you can comment on this article.

2. I think if a lot of users who use Brave browsers are impacted to the ad makers, unconsciously killing the ad industry. maybe the brave team has thought about that.

oh I forgot one thing, the difference is one more thing when I compare searching via google chrome with brave browser. the difference is very far, brave browser is very light and can open many browsers. because it doesn't take much memory. so from me if there is a writing error or language that is not understood please forgive. thank you for reading this article . I'm here following the switchbrowser contest, but for experience I dare to guarantee, Brave browser is superior to Google Chrome.

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