The charts, man. Here is you September summary

Rundown for September (99-200)

By LukeWaiks | Page 2 Crypto | 29 Sep 2021

Hello, frens! Here goes my notes on the coins I was not attempting to cover.

99. CurveDAO- congrats on CRACKING. I'm a sucker for DAOs. So much a sucker that I started a new blog about DAOs!

106. Bitcoin Gold- hahahahaha, ASIC wars veteran (losing side)

107. Magical Internet Money- I really like the meme. I grew up on Travis and Joel (gentlemen both), but this is about magical spells unlocked by minting nonsense tokens you can bid on. I’d inquire more, but I lost my virginity several decades ago.

108. REN has been hanging in there along with renBTC. It’s a crosschai… eh who cares?

111. SafeMoon- hahahahaha

115. Nexus Mutual- I am way too nerdy on how insurance can be disrupted. Perhaps we shall see you again.

120s. Digibyte, IOTX and ANKR fell to the 120s.

124. Constellation is still great.

135. UMA is looking good.

136. Link(LN) isn't #15 LINK as in Chainlink. It's a South Korean project and isn’t a bad token. It's been down on its luck for a while now. I might tinker with it in a later blog.

137. Sandbox is an in-game token that has fallen like Lucifer.

146. Kava and #151 1inch aren’t getting another inch of text until they hit the 110s or CRACK!

162. Pirate Chain has the best theme song (er, shanty) of any token. Hodl fast!

163 &164. Lisk and Gnosis don’t know enough to stay over 150.

188. SingularityNET- I’m holding out for or at least

198. Bitcoin Diamond- hahahaha blocksize veteran (losing side)


October should be fun. The Apocalypse is always much more enjoyable in the Fall. Will gov't shutdowns slow lame attempts at regulating crypto?

Will someone say something ignorant about Bitcoin? Will there be a new memecoin that will pop, moon, then fall like a Bitcoin fork?

I really appreciate this opportunity to inform your eyeballs, so I'll make you a deal: 

Subscribe and comment about a /page2 token and I'll review it for you. Yes, even if it is a memecoin!

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