American Desaparecidos

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 9 Mar 2023

So, Lindsey Graham, you want to invade Mexico.  I get it, you're tired of Fentanyl and open borders.  Hearing that the governor of Arizona possibly/probably launders money for one of the cartels is bad enough, but the kidnapping of 4 Americans in Matamoros last week is the last straw.  Even though Russia is arguably, possibly doing the same thing, we're going to condemn them for it, while we engage in it ourselves.

Okay.  Just want to clarify.  Making sure we're all on the same page.  There are now people in the U.S. government who are seriously proposing going to war with Mexico.

Of course, I understand that classifying the cartels as terrorist organizations isn't the same thing, on its face, as an all-out military invasion against the nation of Mexico or its government.  Unless, of course, the president of Mexico goes out of his way to greet El Chapo's mother, indicating an underlying relationship that is perhaps deeper even than the relationship between the American president and certain countries in Eastern Europe.

She does seem rather pleased to meet him.

It's possible that a nation whose leader makes no attempt whatsoever to hide his relationship with one of the most powerful drug lords in the world isn't going to be able to "assist" you in helping to "root out" the cartels who helped him get into office.  El Chapo did just ask AMLO to try to help him get extradited back to Mexico, citing the "cruel and unusual" punishment he is receiving in the American prison system.

AMLO's response to this request was that "you have to leave the door open."  Perhaps a coded way of saying "if we can get you back, I'll leave the door of your cell unlocked," but on the surface, saying that he's open to the possibility of trying to honor the request.  Which is probably as much as he can say at this time.  It's also saying...  A LOT.

I'm sure El Chapo's mother has her fingers duly crossed.

Note to self:  In Mexico, not being able to escape from jail, or bribe your way out of a problem, is considered "cruel and unusual."

All this is to say that, if you want to redesignate the cartels as "terrorist organizations," so that you can use military force against them, understand that you will be dragging the actual Mexican army into combat against you.  It isn't going to be the Delta Force against a bunch of drunken cokeheads wearing clown masks.  It's not even going to be the scene from Sicario 2 when the cops who are supposedly escorting the black op turn around and open fire on it, and a gunfight happens in a remote area in which there is no traffic, and the only people who die are dirty Mexican cops.

When El Chapo's kid was arrested in January, 29 people died in the ensuing war, on the first day alone.  Here's some footage of the Mexican army raining hellfire from a minigun onto a neighborhood in Culiacán 2 months ago.  Perhaps Mexico would be a more formidable opponent than movies and hubris would have us believe.

García Luna was Mexico's highest-ranking law enforcement official during former Mexican president Felipe Calderón's "war on drugs," and was convicted in Brooklyn last month for taking millions of dollars in bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel.

He wasn't some psychopath in a clown mask, driving around making TikTok videos with his AK and plastic Big Gulp full of dextromethorphan and tequila.  He was the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in Mexico at the time.  And he was on the take.

So, just to be clear, declaring a war on the cartel would be like declaring a war on Al Capone, and finding yourself in a fight with Douglas MacArthur. 

Not saying it's good, or right, or should ever even be.  Just, y'know.


He was on the take.  And his boss is famous for starting a war with the cartels, not going out of his way to greet their mothers. 

I wonder what the odds are that his replacement is an honorable guy.

In my last article, I mentioned that Mexican mothers of the disappeared have banded together and are "doing the government's job" of trying to find the remains of their lost children.  Perhaps the family members of Fentanyl victims in the U.S. are the American equivalent of this.  The nationalities of the victims are different, but the problem is the same, is it not?


Not so dissimilar from the "desaparecidos" in Mexico, are they?

Very similar, actually.  More than merely similar.  Our problem is in fact... exactly the same.

We have the same problem.  Mexico, Los Estados Unidos, tenemos el mismo problema. 

Not similar.  The same.

Since we're neighbors, let's be smart about it.  Is it better if the states classify the cartels as terrorist organizations, rather than the Federal government?  Does that lessen the likelihood of a minigun fight with the Mexican army on the streets of San Antonio?

I don't know.  But let's keep in mind that Mexico is trying to join BRICS.  What would it mean if we were engaged in a literal Mexican standoff with, well, Mexico, if Mexico is economically allied with China and Russia?

When I said "get off your high horse, America" in my last article, I might have meant more than I meant to say.  I'm not saying we don't do anything about the cartels, but what if not being able to take care of our own house, and letting a senile, illegitimate puppet steal the election is what America's REAL problem is, and this crisis of American Desaparecidos (meaning Fentanyl, kidnapping victims in Matamoros, Chicago homicides, etc.) is just a side-effect of it?

What if Lindsey Graham's hawkish desire to go to war with the cartels is an unwitting projection of his own incapacity to keep his own front yard free of ridiculous, illegitimate, pink-haired debris?  What if the deluded, woke half of the American population that doesn't allow the reasonable half to acknowledge reality is the REAL problem, and the problems the US is experiencing now are the result of this internal strife?

Is there any hope for a country like that?


“And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”
Mark 3:24


Yuck.  All the promises of Satan are yuck & amen.  What a nauseating consideration.  Not the Bible verse, but the fact that that Bible verse applies to the United States, and that Lindsey Graham is unwittingly outing his own inability to do anything about his OWN country, so he has to start a war with what he probably thinks are a bunch of Narco Clowns, but which could very possibly escalate into minigun fights with the Mexican army on the streets of Dallas.  

With today's hawkish news toward the cartels, which idea was surely inspired by the recent kidnapping in Matamoros, I realize that my critiques of America and American culture are still rooted in a great deal of inertia; even though the writing is on the wall, my bones will probably never believe in the actual destruction or dissolution of the place until I am literally declaring refugee status at an INM office in Querétaro.

To any special ops guys, any Delta Force or Navy SEAL mercenaries, strange troops from the land beyond the sun, including but not limited to any Narco Clowns assigned to clear the area of unactivated gringo assets, if you see a tall gringo washing a T-shirt by hand under a lemon tree, don't shoot.  

I'm not an asset.  I'm a singer from Gringolandia.  Ask 'em, they'll tellya.  It could change, but to date, what I do has little to no value to them.

I'm not going to rat them out, or help you round them up, but don't shoot me.

I mean, y'know.  Unless God doesn't stop you.  Cash me out, if you think you can handle the eternal payout.

What difference is the picture of yet another American Desaparecido on Paseo de la Reforma going to actually make, anyway?

To me and my brothers and sisters hanging out with Jesus Christ at the 7-year picnic in Heaven?

Absolutely none.


But to be clear,

Let's weigh the costs, remembering that the people on both sides of the border have the same problem, and consider options other than starting a war with the Mexican cartels/government to vent our frustrations with our own society.

Before we lash out in the most-destructive way possible, let's take a long, hard look in the mirror of our own domestic failings, which may have led us here in the first place, and consider ways in which we can solidify American society, whether the entitled victim class likes it or not.

Y'know, before we turn El Paso into a demilitarized zone.

Just a thought.

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