The Cardano Live Stream | Scammers are getting smarter!!

By Owen Blogs | Owen | 18 May 2021

Scammers outsmarting you

People are getting smarter every day with the help of the Internet and good people on it.

Scammers also know this, they will do everything in their power to outsmart you.

That is why you need to double-check everything before you take an action.

Otherwise, the crypto you send to stake for 100% APY will be gone forever.


The Cardano Live stream Scam


When I opened Youtube today (12 hours ago ), I saw this live stream going on by the name Cardano Discussion with 8k views. It was the first video in my feed. This video was from a channel named Cardano Foundation with over 250k subscribers seems legit right? Well look at the stream screenshot attached below:



The Scammers put Charles Hoskinson's old stream in the right, but If you look at the left side you can see that this site claims to double the Cardano you sent them. The stream looks legit and the video was probably taken from another channel and put on top of the scam page in the stream.

This channel was doing another stream with a different thumbnail too. It had around 6k watching. So Total of 14k watching, 250k subscribers, Two Crypto Experts talking many would fall for this scam.



How I caught the Scam?


I got suspicious when I saw the returns they offer and their URL. I checked the channel then, I was not surprised as expected a scam! There were only two videos related to Cardano in there. You know which was them, yeah the streams. Other videos in the channel were all Animes. I immediately reported both the streams and told my friends to report it too. The original anime channel must be hacked by these scammers or might be bought from hackers.




As you have just read what happened. You know to what extent these scammers would go to lure your cryptos. So always be vigilant and remember, nobody will double your amount within seconds, for free of course. You have to outsmart these scammers and share the knowledge with newbies.






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