Rant #9: Numeraire or Wolf of Wall Street? Can't tell the difference....

By zpaul_2020blu | Rant Page | 20 Aug 2020

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Today I got the notification that you can now buy, sell, trade Numeraire (NMR)... and the basic research made me rewatch Wolf of Wall Street lol. The concept is great, especially as predictive modeling will move the cryptocurrency market, but my initial thoughts on the token is that is sounds practically elitist. Trading between $40-$45 it might as be too (says while ETH is $400+ and BTC is $11,000+). 

Its great that some have the computing power to handle advanced algorithms, or equipment that use small towns worth of electricity to mine bitcoin, or vote on epochs for like $8-9 in GAS fees (see a previous rant here).....actually that kinda sucks. Ideologically, I believe Crytpocurrency should be as easy to understand, trade, sell, invest, convert, as physical cash on digital platforms. While there may be some that disagree here, do we really want to live in a world long term where we have to be concerned about coin shortages, or losing that spare $2 to the cracks of the bed and not finding it for 6 years until move out?

I'd like to see cryptocurrency air more on the side of being a currency by the people, for the people. If that ain't corny enough, I'll leave it at this: I love listening to Dave Portnoy as much as the next guy. But if I have to hear NMR become his next pump and dump like Chainlink and BTC, I may just have to do a Jonah Hill and walk up to him and be like "ya show me a check stub for $7,000 and I'll quit my job right now."

I'm unemployed. Just a dope line I wanna say.

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