Rant #6: Getcho BAT

Rant #6: Getcho BAT

By zpaul_2020blu | Rant Page | 18 Aug 2020

What time it is:

  • If you gaming, set up ways to earn BAT for views via Twitch
  • If you're an avid Twitter user via Brave, tip your favorite crypto enthusiast
  • If you're charitable, find sites to give some coin to every once in a while (personally think once I get my coin up giving block has answers here)
  • If you got something to say, might as well get some basic attention token to say it

What part this isn't:

  • The one where I ask you to download anything

BAT is turning into one of my favorite tokens. Not because of the recent spike, but because of the concept. Eliminate the middleman ads. Change the way advertising is done.

What I'd like to see from it long term:

  • Selfishly, every time I tweet out a GIF and it gets 100 or more views, turn it into $.01 worth of BAT
  • Instagram integration

You have now indulged in this selfish moment with me. Completely.


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Rant Page

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