Rant #13: Passive Crypto

By zpaul_2020blu | Rant Page | 15 Sep 2020

Something I've been looking at more lately is earning crypto in passive ways. To the guy that just yawned and switched the channel, thank you. This isn't for you.

More of a knowledge seeking rant where I'd love some commentary below to help myself an others. Let me know if I'm off base or if there's an approach for you that's working. Eventually, this will lead to its own blog series with its own catchy nickname like "the more you need to know" or "Quest for Knowledge." I tried to not snicker while typing that.

Very beginning steps have seen me do the following:

  • Staking
    • Tezos
    • Kyber
  • Lifetime Rewards/Dividends
    • DAI
    • USDC
  • Ad revenue
    • BAT from Brave Ads clicked
  • PublishOx Articles & Tipping
    • Eth
    • BAT

I've seen some other platforms others on PublishOx use and recently found a nice little feature to remember them for later in the save button next to the twitter icon I've been ignoring. This is what a college education will get you nowadays ladies and gentleman. 

Regardless, if you could talk to you at the beginning of your quest to learn about cryptocurrency, what would you tell you to do?

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Rant Page
Rant Page

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