About the cannibal "Agori" saints (part1)

By MyoeMinnKyaw1 | OupKar | 3 Oct 2020


The human skull is said to be a symbol of origins. They used human bones and skulls as tools. The human skull is used as a dish for food. Dog and cow skulls are sometimes shared when human skulls cannot be found.

The most famous of the Agoris is the practice of cannibalism. It eats human beings, but it does not intentionally capture and kill people. They eat only the bones of the human body that have been cremated. Sometimes it contains uncooked meat. The Agorians believed that man-eating could increase their spiritual understanding and overcome the deceptive differences between the human race and the afterlife.


Religious historians say that the Agori originated from a Hindu sect some 1,000 years ago. The Agoris' goal was to liberate themselves, so they were sometimes referred to as sadus, but other Hindu Sadducees did not like to refer to the Ori as their own sadhu. They accuse the Agoris of going against the original source of enlightenment but going against tradition. Why are Agoris accused of being anti-traditional? Agoris discriminate between low and high caste; People who avoid racism as poison. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. It doesn't matter if the story is low or high. The first step in the Gori way is to see people as people, regardless of race or religion. Opinion Between Smell taste , We strive to see the five senses of touch, regardless of good or bad.

For example, you can only see a dead body. The Agoris see this as the human body. They define sound as sound, whether it is praise or insults. There will be no response. I will not be shocked. There is no difference between a seven-room apartment and a cemetery. Hindu-dominated Bollywood films spread propaganda like an understatement, but in the Agori way, integrity is established. We also see a lot of love. They are invited to religious ceremonies. There are no donations. If they are in line, they take it.


The Agoris are said to have split from Hinduism, worshiping the goddess Shiva, who represents the destructive power, and the goddess Kali, who represents death. The practice of painting human face with blue bones is imitated by the god Shiva and is believed to protect against various ailments.


In fact, agoris are not only cannibalistic but also drink small amounts of human urine. They also eat feces. This practice is to remove the erratic ego and to realize the true beauty in the human mind.


They are most often found near crematoriums throughout Varanasi


Ice caves in the Himalayas; The deep forests of Bengal; Gujarat can also be found living in the middle of a hot desert.

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