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My earnings after 20 days using Suvmine !

I've been using Suvmine for 20 days now to mine the cryptos I want. Indeed, it is possible to mine about 30 different cryptos on this site. You can find in my previous article here all the details about this site.

This is not the purpose of this article here since I would like to show you my earnings on this site after my first 20 days of use, without having to put any money in. Because of course, it is possible to invest in it to increase your mining rate or to use what you mined to increase your rate.

My mining rate :

As far as the rate is concerned, when you sign up you get 100GH/s for free. There are two ways to increase this rate.
               1) By using the crypto you have mined by transforming it into additional GH/s or
               2) Via the referral program which allows you to earn a certain percentage on the mining rate of the people you have referred.


My current rate is therefore shown below:

Mining rate

1st Crypto: Dogecoin

I started to mine this crypto but I stopped after 2-3 days maximum. I used some of it to increase my mining rate which is currently 109 GH/s. As you can see, I am only today at about 2.5 Dogecoin.


I stopped mining Dogecoin for now because the withdrawal limit was 200 Dogecoin, which is relatively high without investment.

2nd Crypto: Solana

I'm interested in investing a little bit in Solana because in my opinion it's a great future crypto. When I saw that I could do it via Suvmine, I decided that would be my first choice. Right now I'm at 0.08 Solana.


However, the withdrawal threshold is also quite high as it is for SOL at 0.2 Solana minimum, or about $30.

After only 20 days of use, I am already quite happy with the results I have obtained.
My next article on the subject will come when I have exceeded the withdrawal limit and will deal with the payment of the platform to my Coinbase account.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it made you want to start this adventure with Suvmine. You can do it via their website on or if you want, via my affiliate link here.

Have a nice day and good mining to everyone.

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