Mine many crypto with Suvmine !

I wrote an article last month about the Chainmine.io site to find out if it was a scam. Indeed, it was and since the withdrawals are not possible anymore, that's why I didn't write anything about it.

So I looked for other sites, which are not scam and whose promotion is therefore authorized on PublishOx.

I found a site that looks very interesting and this site is Suvmine.com.


Indeed, this site allows you to mine for free a multitude of crypto-currencies (about 25 unless I am mistaken). Be careful, only one crypto is minable at a time.


You get a small mining rate at the beginning for free, then, thanks to what you mined, you can exchange them for a higher rate, as on the image below. To do this, just go to Exchange in the menu on the left.



I'm at the very beginning of the process and am mining DogeCoin in particular. The withdrawal limits are quite high as you need to mine 200 dogecoin before you can withdraw them, which is quite substantial. For my part, I'm not investing anything yet but I'll try my luck by letting this free mining run and hoping that, the day I reach this threshold, I'll be able to withdraw the ten or so dollars I'll have in crypto.

If you want to freely try your luck, and I specify that this is in no way an incentive to invest on this site or even to register, you can do so if you wish through this link.

Thank you for reading and good mining to all.

The Unknown


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The Unknown
The Unknown

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Others helpful Websites

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