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In this article, I would like to tell you about the site that allows to mine several crypto in the cloud, with or without initial investment.

The cryptos mined on Minex are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Tron.

How does it work?

As the site indicates, as soon as you have registered you will receive directly and free of charge a power of 3000GH/s and can thus directly start to mine the crypto of your choice.


How can I increase my power?

For this, you have several choices. You can either pay a package, equivalent to a 7-month contract, and you will be able to increase your mining power. 


You can also increase your power by "investing" what you have already mined. There is however a minimum amount of mining to be done before you can use it to increase your power. 


In addition, a referral system will allow you to increase your referral rate by 50GH/s for each person who comes to the site through your link. If you liked this article, you can if you wish use mine below:


Last but not least, there are bonuses that you can claim every hour. Every hour, click on bonus and increase your power from 10GH/s to 70GH/s. On my side, I am currently at over 4000GH/s only having used the bonuses and without any referrals. This allows you to increase your mining power.


Finally, concerning the withdrawals, I have not yet been able to make any because I haven't mined enough for the moment. The minimum amounts are relatively "high" according to the cryptos. You can see them on the image below:


In conclusion, I would say that it's a nice, free and really time saving way to undermine on your computer. Moreover, it's easy to increase its power so it becomes interesting in the long run to get started on this site. I'll come back with a new article once I've made my first withdrawal.

See you soon!




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