Publish0x Reach 50 000 USERS!!! - Analyse
Publish0x Reach 50 000 USERS!!! - Analyse

By Otek | Otek | 10 Feb 2020

This weekend Publish0x reach 50 000 users :)



That is for sure a great achievement :)  

How it looks to compare with other similar websites?


  • Medium - according to that post: Medium got more then 60 millions monthly readers! - So it is really huge. But again we cannot compare it 1:1 with Publish0x. First of all medium start in 2012 - so it is much older than others platforms. Secondly it is not related to crypto - and as we all known crypto is still a geeky niche. 


So Publish0x still is a pretty small with compare to others blogs platform but it is growing faster and faster!

For example in January 2020 - 15515 new users registered here. A year before (January 2019) it was only 427 new users!



According to Alexa Rank Publish0x is ranked with number 43 159th - in a whole internet - so it is also quite impressive ( have 14 875th position and - 99th position)


What Can be also interesting most Publish0x viewers come from:

  • Venezuela (10,1%)
  • Brazil (7,0%)
  • Russia (6,7%)




To sum it up. In my opinion Publish0x is still very tiny on blogging platforms market. But in my opinion it is quite unique. Also I see that he is very popular lately in the crypto world. So in my opinion it will be growth even faster from month to month :)


What do You think about Publish0x? What in your opinion will help to make it more popular?



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