Publish0x New Features REVIEW - 2 new features, UI change

Publish0x New Features REVIEW - 2 new features, UI change

By Otek | Otek | 30 Jan 2020

Hi, probably You notice that in last hours there was some changes in Publish0x UI and new features was added.

Let's look closer at them.


1. New Total Earned box UI - let's start with UI change:


What I think about that?

In my opinion that change is good decision. Earnings are now much more visible.

Why it is important?

When new user first time open Publish0x site will notice that publishing here really Can give you real profits. He will think: WOW I can really earn something on that portal! As a result many more people will decide to set up an account on Publish0x.

2. Thumbs up (like/dislike) feature:


Under every post You Can find a new like/dislike option. It is nice feature but currently it is just in testing purpose. Now, it's not related to tipping or earning. Idea behind that is just measuring quality of posts. 

So for that reason it is hard to say at this moment is that feature will bring something good in further perspective. We will see how Publish0x team will use this like/dislike ratio in future.


3. Tipped Article feature:




Thanks to that new feature You if someone comment Your post You Can see if he also Tipped your post!

You can't see how much he tipped (what is in my opinion good decision).

What does that option give us?

We can slightly know how much our subscribers are supportive of us.

Also when I first time saw that future I thought: It will be great for creating contest here. For example You Can decide that every one who want take a part in your content should add comment and tip your post (what now will be visible).


In Publish0x FAQ we can find such information:

Offenses that may get Your Authorship Revoked:

  • E-Begging posts, aka asking for donations OR asking for tips. Sorry, but we cannot allow these. If you publish posts asking for donations, or if you create posts where you ask users to tip you or to trade tips, your account may also be banned.


So it's hard to say is creating such condition in your contest (must comment and tip post) is against that rule? It will be nice if someone from Publish0x team will give more info about that.


 To sum that all. What I think about that changes?

  • New Total Earned box UI - In my opinion that is definitely a positive change. In the first point I described why I think so.


  • Thumbs up (like/dislike) feature - for reason that currently that option currently is not related to anything I assess this change as neutral. 


  • Tipped Article feature - that is a definitely a nice looking, useful option. I only have some concerns about how we can use it, which I described above.



And what do You think about that changes on Publish0x? Do You like it?

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