Publish0x New Feature is now Available!!!

Publish0x New Feature is now Available!!!

By Otek | Otek | 29 Jan 2020

Did You notice that on Publish0x there is now a new feature?

Under every post You Can find a new like/dislike option:



Once You selected like or dislike option You need to select one of then. It can't be unselected again.

Also it is possible to set like/dislike on your own posts (but of course I don't recommend to do that :p )


What do You think about that option?

What output will be of that feature in your opinion?


PS. If You like that info You Can try use that new "Like" option on that post :)



As You Can see on Dan Bainbridge (from Publish0x Team) comment at this moment that feature have nothing with tipping or earning:

"(..) Just testing this, its not related to tipping or earning or anything, just seeing if we can measure perceived quality 🙂




I will edited this article when there will be a new information :)

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