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Earn Money Playing (Easy) Blockchain Games

By Orville | Redenbacher | 12 Jun 2021

Let me get this out of the way - I'm lazy. Really lazy. I prefer games that only require a few clicks here and there to get me started. I've compiled a list of what I've found so far to be the easiest games to play to earn money and my tips for each.

DISCLAIMER: While most of these games can be played for free, having a small initial investment will tremendously speed up your earnings. $30 will be enough to alleviate any CPU errors on the WAX blockchain and give you a major boost in earnings. The best part about WAX games is that once you start earning in one game, it's extremely easy to take those earnings and put them into another game, creating a nice little engine that produces WAX.

Alien Worlds

alien worlds equipment screen

As the most popular blockchain game, Alien Worlds (AW) is also one the simplest games to get started with. The entire game revolves around clicking a single button and receiving a reward. The reward is always some amount of TLM, the currency of AW, and rarely an NFT. Depending on what land you're on and what tools you have equipped, you can influence the amount of TLM received and the percentage chance of an NFT drop. NFTs can easily be purchased and sold on AtomicHub and TLM can be easily converted to WAX on Alcor Exchange. The current sentiment is that it's better to focus on TLM mining as the drop rate for NFTs is abysmally low.

Helpful Tools

AW Builder - Analyze the efficacy of your in-game tools
AutoClaim - Periodically check to see if you have any claimable NFTs. If you don't manually claim, you won't receive them.
AW Actions - Put your address where it says "miner" and hit Submit to claim your NFTs
AW Stats - Easily find information about all lands in AW


my koloboks page

Koloboks is a weird one. You breed creatures and send them on adventures where they have a chance to find KBUCKS, the currency of the game, or NFTs. KBUCKS can be traded for WAX on Alcor and NFTs can be staked (more on this later) or sold for WAX on Simple Market. For running adventures, you want Koloboks with higher speed and higher stealth stats. Higher speed reduces the time the adventure takes to complete and higher stealth increases the chance of completing an adventure successfully. For breeding, a lower generation number means a shorter growing time and a lower children number means faster breeding. You do need at least 2 Koloboks to get started, but the good news is that they're incredibly cheap. You can buy them for around 0.04 WAX (less than a penny) with the right filters on Simple Market. The bear adventure seems to be the most profitable.

Helpful Tools

Cheap Koloboks - These are the filters I use to find cheap starting Koloboks
Kolobok Checker - To check stats before you buy, use this tool and paste the genome value you can find on the Kolobok's listing page


prospectors main interface

As far as easy blockchain games go, this one has the most depth and is by far the most interesting. It's kind of like a worker placement board game with an old Western theme. There's a brief tutorial so I won't get into the mechanics. You earn gold in the game, which can be converted at a rate of 1000 gold per 1 PGL, and PGL can be traded for WAX on Alcor. Although it's possible to play without an initial investment of WAX, it will take a few days before you can buy your first tool. Without tools your workers can only do transportation jobs, which pay very low amounts of gold. However, with a modest investment of 10 WAX you should have all the gold you need to buy tools for your workers and your earnings will increase significantly. To fully maximize profits, you'll need to join an alliance. The best one I've found is called Helping Hands. They sell tools at a 50% discount and run daily contests with NFT/WAX prizes.

Helpful Tools

Helping Hands - Incredibly nice people who will help kickstart your progress


r-planet landing page

R-Planet isn't really a game but a place to stake the NFTs you earn playing games like Alien Worlds and Koloboks. Each NFT that you stake provides a recurring (hourly) amount of AETHER that you can then trade for WAX on Alcor (do you see the engine forming?). Unless you want to sell your NFTs immediately, you should absolutely stake them on R-Planet.

Crypto Dynasty

crypto dynasty mobile game features

Crypto Dynasty is an idle-clicker mobile game, with your hero automatically battling enemies and a very extensive crafting system that has you converting resources into weapons and armor. There are a lot of different mechanics at play here that sucked me in. Don't play on the ETH chain! The marketplace is completely dead and you can't buy or sell items. The EOS version is far more active but it requires a paid ($10) account to get started.

That's it for the easy games! Below I'll list some bonus games.


In Upland you can buy properties as NFTs and earn a small amount of currency for each one you own. You can get 3 properties very quickly with my referral code, but after that it seemed to me that it would take weeks/months to get the next one. Polished experience but a slow grind.

My Neighbor Alice

I am SO excited for this game to release! It looks like a cross between Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but built completely on the blockchain. You'll be able to own plots of lands as NFTs that you can decorate and build on. There's going to be a marketplace for buying and selling furniture and resources. It just ticks a bunch of boxes and the alpha is set to release soon.

Lost Relics

Lost relics plays a lot like Diablo/Torchlight but has some items living on the Enjin blockchain. It's by far the most comprehensive game on this list but also the hardest to earn anything from. I put in at least 20-30 hours around Easter and didn't find anything, though that may have changed now. Absolutely solid game but I'm unsure of its earning potential.

Thanks for reading! Have I missed any easy blockchain games you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments.

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