FightOut Launches Presale

FightOut Joins the Move-to Earn Crypto Scene with its Token Presale

By orbithunter | Orbit's Journal | 28 Dec 2022

FightOut, a new Move-to-Earn(M2E) platform, recently launched its native token presale to the public. Their native token, $FGHT, has an initial price of  $0.0166 per token and is expected to become more expensive as it reaches $5 million worth of token sales.  As of writing, it has already raised around $2.4 million and the presale is set to end on March 31st, 2023. Aside from a cheaper price, people who buy now may get up to a 50% token bonus.

FightOut Fitness App

FightOut Mobile App Expected User Interface

Move-to-Earn has allowed people to monetize their physical activity through cryptocurrency rewards (SWEAT, XYO) and NFT integration (Stepn). This encouraged users to become physically active and travel places. However, most of these M2E platforms only track steps and non-stationary movement. This means that you have to constantly have to be walking, cycling, or driving to earn. 

FightOut aims to resolve this gap by also rewarding users when they engage in completing workouts and challenges through the app. Aside from earning rewards from doing workouts, users will be given an avatar that improves together with the users. The app does this by tracking user progress and converting it directly into avatar attributes. Users can then use their avatars to enter the FightOut metaverse and fight with other users and put their physicality to the test. 

How Do You Earn?

Move to Earn How it Works

FightOut lets users earn REPS by doing positive actions through working out. REPS is an in-app currency that is given to users when they complete workouts, and fitness challenges, consume in-app fitness content, and social interactions in the community. Users will be able to monetize a variety of movements like bodyweight exercises, workout classes, and machine exercises. The reward amount will be based on the difficulty, duration, or whether the user is remote or in a FightOut gym. REPS can then be used to purchase items within the app, which includes cosmetics and power-ups for users' FightOut avatars. 

Workouts and exercises within the app are categorized into different attributes like Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardio, Wellness, and Mental Fortitude. You will need to achieve a baseline fitness level on all these attributes to maximize rewards. Users can also earn badges for completing challenges which increase their REPS earning thresholds for a certain attribute. Badges provide benefits and discounts on items in the FightOut store and increase drop rates for NFTs and REPS-earning amplifiers.

FightOut Avatar

Fightout Avatars

Each FightOut user can mint their own digital NFT through the app. This digital avatar will represent the user in the FightOut metaverse and cannot be transferred or sold to other people. The data collected from the workouts and achievements are converted directly into stat points for the avatar. This will mean that the avatar will represent each user's physical training and progress in real life. When a user gains in one of the five attributes, the associated attribute in the avatar will also improve. 

Aside from attributes, users can also customize their avatars by using cosmetics such as attire, hairstyles, accessories, and many more. The metaverse will allow users to socialize with other users. Here, users can showcase both their avatar looks and their avatar attribute skills. Users can also compete in leagues, tournaments, and other fight modes to win titles and prize pools. You will also be able to test your avatar with AI-powered fighters and other legends of combat sports. 

As of the moment, there is still not much revealed regarding the fighting mechanism within avatars so we can only speculate for now.

FightOut Gyms

FightOut Gyms

Another interesting FightOut feature is FightOut Gyms. FightOut gyms will be the world's first major Web3-integrated gyms. These real-world gyms are designed to increase M2E earning opportunities, show off avatars and promote the FightOut community. As of writing, the team is still looking for suitable sites for the first FightOut gym which is expected to be open by Q4 next year. The team hopes to open 20 FightOut gyms globally across key locations if the presale raise goes well. 

FightOut gyms will be using smart equipment for the users to track progress on the app while in the gym. FightOut gyms will also feature extra amenities like a health bar, coworking space, and a content studio. Users will also be able to showcase their avatars within a FightOut gym. This will be done through the use of 'mirrors' and also different screens throughout the gym. 

$FGHT Tokenomics


The 10 billion $FGHT token will be split into three pools: 60% of tokens will be sold on presale to raise funds, 30% will be given as rewards to early purchasers, and 10% will be used for liquidity on exchanges. Any remainder will be used for the growth of the platform. People who purchase $FGHT on presale will have the option to earn additional 50% $FGHT tokens as a reward. This will be based on the number of tokens purchased and the length of the vesting period they opt for. 

$FGHT Rewards and Vesting Bonus


FightOut, if successful, will be a great addition to the existing M2E movement and will lead to mainstream crypto adoption. Unlike other M2E platforms, it offers real-life benefits like merch, gym memberships, and events to users. However, since the project is still on token presale I would advise you to be careful and invest only the money you can afford to lose. I have bought a few tokens to try it out for myself. We still need to wait until next year to know more about how the app and the avatar mechanism will play out. Nevertheless, I am looking forward that the project will be a success and bringing more value to the Web3 space.

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