If Each Crypto Were A Martial Art (Part 1)

By Mako Taco | Opinion Piece | 8 Jan 2021


Bitcoin – Wrestling

Bitcoin is the first and oldest cryptocurrency. Wrestling is one of the oldest martial arts in existence. Bitcoin is blue chip and I believe it should be a part of everyone's crypto portfolio. If you are a mixed martial artist, you would know wrestling is a "blue chip" base. 




Ethereum - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

If I could put this in terms of martial arts - although Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not derived from wrestling, it has expanded on techniques that cover the gaps in wrestling; this is much like how Ethereum expanded on the utility of the old BTC tech. Not quite exact, but you get the picture if we are translating crypto into martial arts.



Cardano - Muay Thai 

At this point, I'm shilling my altcoin. Jokes aside, I think Cardano will be soon find it's place in the crypto space, just like Muay Thai became renowned in the martial arts world in the 90's.

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Mako Taco
Mako Taco

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Opinion Piece

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