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By Solomon Stephen | OpenSource | 19 Apr 2019

Sometime in February, I reviewed a Launcher titled SimLauncher. It's a minimalistic Android launcher that prevents its user from wasting time on unwanted apps. If you read the post, and downloaded the launcher, then, I'm sure you must have benefited from your favorite apps, while restricting the unwanted ones.
But, If not, you don't have to worry because I have a similar launcher, which functions almost the same way as SlimLaucher.

In today's blog post, I will be Introducing to you yet another simple, fast, and neat Android Launcher. This launcher is known as HGLauncher.


One of the characteristics of SlimLaucher is the ability to keep the device home screen as neat as possible, providing only five apps preferred by its user. HGLauncher. also possesses the same characteristics. But, in a different style.

Before I go into details, let us look at the developer's profile, and his definition for HgLauncher.

F4uzan is the name of the developer behind HgLauncher. And, he defines his project as a launcher with a design philosophy of 'if it works, it works.'

Where can I download HgLauncher?

F4uzan has been able to publish this awesome project on three different platforms for users to get it installed on their device. You can download it from any of these links;

My experience with HgLauncher

After using, and understanding HgLauncher, I have come to understand that simplicity is one of the goals aimed by every developer. What amazes me the most is the way it launched after installation. Unlike other apps that display introduction interface, or requests for permission to function, HgLauncher skipped all of that.

A. My Homescreen transformation

I was running on my stock launcher before I installed HgLauncher. And one of the disadvantages I noticed while using my stock launcher is its ability to keep apps on the home screen. I don't think this should be a disadvantage. But, it lacked the ability to manage the apps.
On Launching HgLauncher, I was shocked with the way it cleaned my home screen. Take a look at that the two screenshots below. The first one was taken while I was still using my stock launcher. While the second screenshot was after I launched Hglauncher.



When I first saw the empty screen, I thought the Hglauncher was still Installing, as I was expecting it to pop-up a button to access settings, or my apps. But, I was left with the empty screen for a few seconds before I could think of swiping.
By default, swiping left, right, or down won't open anything. But, Swiping up opens the list of apps installed. I was also able to access my installed apps by tapping on the home screen. This simply means that there are two different ways to access the Installed apps.

Hglauncher is definitely the launcher to be installed If you need a clean home screen, and easy access to your favorite apps.

B. Method of operation

As you've seen from the previous paragraph that my home screen lacks a button. I think I like it because it made the screen extraordinary neat, which is nice. The absence of a button doesn't mean my apps can't be accessed apart from swiping up to view all the apps.

Hglauncher works with gestures. And it gives its user the ability to define different gestures with the apps to open. This can be archived from settings.

Long pressing on the home screen will list different options. Such as;

  • Settings
  • Refresh
  • Widgetspace
  • Change wallpaper.

The screenshot below contains the options I efficiently used to set up the gestures, to access my preferred apps.

I did set the left, right, up, and down gesture to open my four favorite apps.

There are still many features embedded in the settings page. I was able to utilize the Search options. At first, I never knew I could also search directly from the web, as I thought the search space was only meant to search for installed apps. But, I was wrong.
Below is a screenshot showing how I alternatively turned Hglauncher to a search interface. If I click on the With button, it'll prompt different search engine to use. You could also decide to change the search engines from the settings page.


Also, configuration backup and restore are very important in an app like Hglauncher. And I'm happy to see that these options are available.

Lastly, there's an extra feature in Hglauncher. This feature is known as the Widgetspace. This is an extra space provided for users to add any type of widget of their choice.


Since Hglauncher only lets its user define gestures for four apps only, I was able to manage the widget space to hold my music player, and a clock. This made it six apps.


Additionally, I was even able to add more than two widgets. I appreciate the developer for this option.

Hglauncher Vs SlimLaucher

I have previously stated that Hglauncher has a similar function with SlimLaucher. SlimLaucher only lets you pick your five favorite apps, while it restricts you from accessing the rest of the Installed apps. But, Hglauncher lets you set gestures to access four different apps, and would still allow you to access other apps. Don't forget that you could also place apps on the Widgetsapce.

Project Update

11days ago, v1.4.1.3 was released. And in the latest release, he was able to make the following changes;

  • Added translations for Polish by adam5525, and Spanish by beriain.
  • Updated Basque translation.
  • Fixed issues regarding search bar visibility when resuming the launcher activity.
  • Optimized memory use, fixed leaks where possible.

Upcoming changes

There are more than 20 different types of upcoming changes including minor ones. I will only list a few.

  • Improved swipe up gesture reliability
  • Set proper drag view for sliding home
  • Disable text selection in credits dialogue
  • Allow the launcher to set its own orientation
  • Change fast scrolling color

You may also wish to check the rest of the upcoming updates here


HgLauncher is one of the simplest launchers I have ever used. It's either I use it, or SlimLauncher. I love how unique they are. Also, I'd love to know what you think about it. Kindly comment below.
Thank you for your time, and goodbye.

REF: Via my steemit blog

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