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By Almin Piric | Talking Code | 5 Nov 2021

I have recently published Crypto Ledger on Google Play.

The app is an extension of the Crypto Ledger website. It makes use of the Crypto Ledger API to buy, sell, and monitor coins.

The Crypto Ledger app was built using Kotlin and Android Studio. It uses coroutines and retrofit to make API calls, and fragments for navigation.

Buying and selling coins requires an API Key, while getting live price data does not.

The source code is available on GitHub:

Google Play link:

You can see the website here:

The website repository is available here:

You can also read more about the Crypto Ledger project here:

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Almin Piric
Almin Piric

I am a freelance Python and Java developer, founder of TMD Studios, hobbyist game developer, and Bitcoin enthusiast. My work can be seen here:

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