Willows Weep

Willows Weep

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 12 Jan 2020

Not on display yet for a family of three

Pliant and tough with such voice 

Tenacity to life, resilient roots chiming opportunity 

It's justice tapped, flourishing as they rejoice

Tucked away behind a whitewashed picket fence

Pulsating jugular as nourishment flows 

Embracing it's grace goes the wander's frankincense

Fully sound, residing wisdom of the willows

But within the vastness of a moments thought

Beautiful arches sway, laying down ancient text

Dedication to this occasion, opportunity caught 

All is striped away as life's allure has been annexed   

     Now, when you look as the willows weep

     You feel their tears cleansing earth's soul to sleep

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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