By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 7 Jan 2020


Precious being, giving in to the call of slumber

As today's stroll adds to time anew.

Sand laden footsteps supporting today's spirit, 

Nestled in, settled -

Breathe arrives as an unbending sigh.

Cooling down from a humid display of summer,

Movement enfolds -

As if all in rhythm with thy feet.

Vibrations, fluctuations of tall grasses making merry,

Allows time to tango with Eastern's breathe.

Occasional salt water, with salt spray,

Has no effect on dancing Seaside Oats

Throughout the day.

Rugged, tenacious individuals 

Reinforce these waterfronts -

Sands shall not be flung aside. 

Arriving with stride's advancement,

This day has a breath like all others,

Slightly dusting late beginnings.

Up, down, in and out

Deep within the ripples of receding waters -

Oh, to see the glow overlap, fall, shout for humanity, ebb then go. 

Raise thy gaze

To our glow beyond -

Rhythm continues.

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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