What are crypto airdrops and how can you earn them?

By dqdof | Online earning tips | 11 May 2020

In the last years,more and more crypto coins and tokens have appeared every single day. But a project like that is only as good as his popularity most of the times. You can have the best coin or system,but if nobody knows your coin,you will not  have a great time promoting it.So,companies have began to airdrop  free coins to users.

Why and how this came to happen?In the past,they launch an ICO and they  sell coins when they started to promote the coin they were listing.

But ,i suppose you still needeed to pay for marketing to get your coin to people. So,why not shoot two birds with one stone?With the rise of the social media,the companies now hold crypto airdrops in exchange of a few small tasks from the users.

For example: promoting on twitter,like on facebook etc.Some even ask for K.Y.C  (documents verification) for bigger airdrops.

Why even do this you say?Some of these airdrops can be quite consistent and you could exchange the tokens or coins for money later.

It is free money after all,in exchange for some marketing.How can you find out about this drops?

There are a lot of places that announces them but one i like is airdropalert. Airdropalert is a place where they announce new crypto drops

frequently and the ways to get them.You can find out how and where to get the newest cryptos and tokens.

They also have a pro plan and you can get tokens in your account automatically.

You can register here Aidrop alert .

Thank you for your time reading this.

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Online earning tips
Online earning tips

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