Depressed Piano Prodigy Finds Happiness When He Met This Girl | Anime Recap PART 1

By Prin Seu | Onii-Chan Anime Recaps | 18 Jul 2022


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The series begins with a scene where a blonde girl is walking home. She sees a black cat cleaning its face before dashing away. The girl decides to follow and run after it and eventually finds it sitting on a bench and offers it a canelé. (CANULEY) 




The next scene is a flashback of a young Kousei performing 'Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement Opus 27 " onstage during a piano competition with an emotionless deadpan look on his face. His friend Tsubaki is sitting in the audience watching him with a worried expression.  




The flashback abruptly cuts to present-day Kousei sitting in the music room listening to "Hikaru Nara" on his phone and transcribing it into sheet music. Outside, Tsubaki and Watari are practicing their individual sports when Tsubaki hits the ball too hard, landing it in the music room, smashing the window in the process.

When she goes to get the ball, she finds that the ball has landed directly on Kousei's head, knocking him out. Kousei scolds Tsubaki for breaking another window.  

While Tsubaki looks in the closet for a dustpan to clean up the broken glass, she catches Kousei attempting to pick up the glass with his hands and grabs his wrist before he does. She scolds him saying that he could have cut a finger. Kousei nonchalantly replies, "Well, what if I did?"  



Watari is then seen taking a photo of them semi-hand holding and mocking them saying that they should be "hubby and wife," to which they respond with an aggressive insistence that they are not. 

As the three leaves their school shoes at the locker, they complain about being scolded by the vice principal for an hour and writing an apology letter. After that, the group decides to stop by a convenience store and get ice cream on the way home.  

While walking, Watari asks Kousei why he needed to write two apology letters for one window. To this, he replies, one for him and one for Tsubaki. In addition, he says he's been dealing with her antics since they were kids. Even though he's an only child, he still feels like he has his own high-maintenance big sister. 



Suddenly their conversation is interrupted when Watari gets a text from a girl and rushes off to meet her, leaving the two behind. Kousei and Tsubaki start up a conversation about love and how a person looks when in love with someone. Tsubaki shares that Miwa told her, that the world looks more colorful when you're in love.  

Kousei thinks he wouldn't inspire that change in someone. Tsubaki stops him and says he's 14 years old and yet there's no sparkle in his eyes. Kousei replies, that his eyes are dark and he thinks they're not gonna sparkle that much. But he admits he sees that sparkle in Tsubaki's eyes all the time. And this made her blush. 

In his mind, Kousei thinks it must be nice to see the world through Tsubaki's eyes. Because to her, the world is pretty colorful. 




As they near their homes, Tsubaki asks Kousei when his father will be back. To which he answers, maybe in a month or two. They then said goodbye to each other as they go into their respective homes. 

Just as Tsubaki was about to enter their house, she receives a call from a friend. She forgot to ask something to Kousei and says she'll just do it tomorrow.  

Inside Kousei's house, it looks gloomy. He greets a picture of his mom and say's he's home.  

The next day, Kousei is thinking in his head during class about Tsubaki saying that love would change everything and make the world colorful. Kousei refuses to believe that, saying that in his eyes the world is in monotone, black and white, like piano keys. 




A flashback appears, showing an 11-year-old Kousei frozen and suffering from a mental breakdown on the stage as the audience whispers and wonders what is happening. There at that moment, he knew that his days of playing were done. 

Kousei sits alone after school in the classroom, doing work, but gets interrupted by Tsubaki, throwing a ball at his head. She lectures him saying that he shouldn’t spend his youth during his fourteenth spring in the classroom. Tsubaki gets his earphones and checks what he's listening to.

Both of them hang out in the classroom, and after a while, Tsubaki asks if he could join her tomorrow to meet and introduce Watari to Kaori. Kousei refuses but Tsubaki says she doesn't want to be the third wheel.

Besides, she says the girl's a classical musician. Kousei can talk to her about music and composers. He then replies that he hasn't played piano in two years. 

But Tsubaki says she just saw him yesterday in the music room. Kousei reveals that's just for work to double-check his writing. He's transcribing pop songs by ear for Karaoke. Tsubaki admits that Kousei was cooler when he played the piano. 

A flashback of Kousei playing the piano with her mother behind him appears with Kousei explaining that him being a world-class pianist was his mother's dream. Her mother ran a music school so he took classes from her every day.




But he was hit and yelled at by her mother, not even letting him rest when he is crying in order to make him a world-class pianist in her place. Kousei adds that he hates the piano but can't help clinging to it. He realizes it's because that's all he has left. Take away the piano and there's nothing. 

Tsubaki looks out the window then lays on her bed and sighs because she longs to hear Kousei playing the piano again. 




Kousei decides to meet up with the other three the next day, however, his friends turn out to be late. He spots a pair of high heels and leggings and decides to seek the owner.  

While walking around, Kosei hears the sound of a melodica being played and heads off to find the source of the music. He then sees a beautiful girl playing "Pazu's Fanfare" on the melodica, with 3 kids cheerfully spectating. Kousei notices she's crying but stops as she talks with the kids. The kids then join her with their own instruments.  




Intrigued by the music, Kousei accidentally takes a picture of the group right as a gust of wind blows the girl's skirt up. Kousei is then spotted by the girl during this unfortunately timed photo and the girl bursts into a fit of anger and beats him over the misunderstood notion that he was trying to sneak a peek.  

She then identifies the leggings in his hand as hers and gives him a second thrashing. 

Watari and Tsubaki arrive on the scene right when Kousei is being pinned down by the girl with a recorder. Tsubaki then introduces the girl to Watari as "Kaori Miyazono". Watari and Kaori greet each other while seemingly smitten with one another. Tsubaki then introduces her to Kousei as "Friend A".  

Kaori then goes over to Kousei to "apologize" for her earlier behavior while threatening him about the picture he took. 

 Tsubaki teases Kousei for being there early so he could meet Kaori first.  After the brief meeting, Kaori realizes that she has to get to the auditorium for a performance and states that she's a violinist.  




The group decides to go watch her performance. But Kousei is reluctant and says he'll pass. Kaori then grabs his hand and cheerily insists for him to come along. They all rush to the auditorium, with Kaori dragging Kousei by the hand toward the auditorium. 

While running, Tsubaki asks Kaori what time is the competition. She answers the hall opens at 3 and the competition starts at 3.  They're concerned for her since it's already 3:20. But Kaori is unbothered and says there's nothing to worry about since she's the fourth one up. 

As they arrive at the hall, Kaori leaves them to go backstage and prepare. Kousei seems frightened because of the bad memories he had at that place. 

The audience notices Arima, when he enters the auditorium, who once was a very popular child prodigy. Kousei complains to Tsubaki and says she should have told him about the plan to go there. But she knew that he wouldn't come if she tells him.  



The competition starts, but already boredom settles in among the audience with the set piece “Kreutzer” otherwise known as the Violin Sonata No.9's First Movement. Ryota begins to fall asleep while Kosei is watching intently since it's been a while since he last heard a live performance.  

Tsubaki complains that all the contestants played the same song over and over again. But Kosei knows it's the set piece. He then says that it's a new major competition and yet it has gained some attention. He then adds that the rules are a bit different though, Usually, at something like that they'd have them all play a Bach or Paganini number in the Preliminary Round. And at a solo at that.  

But in that contest, everyone gets an accompanist which is pretty rare. The winner violinist gets to play a recital on a Guarneri owned by the organizer. 

Kosei then notices that the violinist is off tempo and is concerned for him. After the performance, the judges talk about the violinist's performance. They say he started strong but couldn't keep it in the middle. 



Next, it was Kaori’s turn. Tsubaki and Ryota cheer for her while Kosei asks them to be quiet. Kaori prays before her performance. She was completely different from the other contestants and had a way that ended up being unique, something they’d never seen or heard. 

She goes off and plays on her own, leaving the accompanist behind, infuriating the judges, especially Kazama. Kosei notices that Kaori made the piece completely her own. 



After her performance, Kaori received a standing ovation from the audience. One of the judges is intrigued by her uniqueness. 

However, the Judge and Kosei knew she would not go forward with the competition. Not playing the score the way it's written is a total taboo. But Tsubaki says it's obvious the audience loved her performance. To this Kosei replies, unfortunately, it's a competition, not a recital. But it looks like to Kaori it didn't matter.  

During the 15-minute intermission, the crowd is talking about Kaori. Two little girls approach Kaori and hand her flowers. Then a man informed her that the results will be posted 30 minutes after the final contestant, but she replies whenever is fine.  



After all, she says she doesn't care about the competition part. Kosei overhears their conversation and suddenly remembers her mom telling her that coming in first during the competition is what's important. 

Kaori then rushes to Ryota Watari and then asks Kosei and Tsubaki what they think about her performance.  

Kosei hesitates to answer at first, then he says he's never seen anyone get flowers before, not like that. The kind of performance she gave made those kids buy those flowers in an instant to appreciate her.  




As Kaori rushes back to Ryota, Kosei thinks it's like a scene out of a movie. Starring the hero and heroine of a romance scene and Arima simply feels he had acted in the role of "friend A', nothing more. 

When the preliminary round finishes and the results are posted on the notice board, Kaori is revealed to be the audience choice, therefore letting her succeed in the next round. 

Back in the music room, Kosei is lying on the floor with the sheet music of Beethoven's Sonata scattered all over.  

Ryota enters the room and say's his free throw shot concerned him so he bought milk for him. Either to stick in his head or drink it.  

Kosei skipped class and so Ryota says he's acting weird. So he teases Kosei and says it must be because of a girl. He asks if it's because of Kaori but Kosei denies it. Besides, he says it's obvious that Kaori likes Ryota. In addition, he says he will never have a chance with a girl like her. But Ryota cheers him up and gives him love advice.  



Suddenly, Tsubaki interrupts their conversation. She is furious because Keiko's crying again because of Ryota.  

As Kosei walks home, he thinks about Kaori and her performance. He's can't understand his feelings, he wants to see her but he dreads it.  

Meanwhile, Kaori's just standing outside the school. She notices him and calls him 'Friend A'. Kosei then notices she's wearing their school uniform but Kaori thought he's staring at her in a malicious way. Kaori gets angry and calls him a pervert. She thinks he'll take a picture again of her and then post it online. But suddenly, her mood changes as she thinks this could make her an internet sensation overnight. 

Kaori then looks for Watari. She says she wants to surprise him that is why she's been waiting there. Kosei then remembers Watari's statement earlier, that he'll ditch the practice and walk Keiko home.  

So Kosei covers for Watari and says he's still in practice. Kaori then decides to go take a peek at the soccer practice. But Kosei stops her and says it's a bad idea to interrupt their practice. Kaori agrees and then appoints Friend A to be his stand-in.  



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