ONEROOT DEX Launched R1 "Preferred Project" Plan -- The First Partner MakerDao (DAI)

By ONEROOT | ONEROOT | 12 Aug 2019

"Everyone hates the summer’s heat, I love the summer’s long day". ONEROOT DEX, together with R1 protocol, launched R1 " Preferred Project" Plan in this amazing season. This plan seeks to discover the projects with the highest quality globally. The chosen projects can get the priority to be listed on all R1-based exchanges worldwide, and benefit from the liquidity sharing feature of R1 protocol, thus fundamentally solving the liquidity lack of high-quality projects on DEX.


As an R1-based decentralized exchange, ONEROOT DEX can share liquidity with multiple DEX accessing R1 protocol, including Bithumb DEX, thus providing users with better trading depth. It ensures the security of users’ assets, meanwhile, provides users with the trading speed and experience comparable to that of centralized exchanges.


The first player of R1“Preferred Project” Plan – MakerDao, the leading project in the Decentralized Financial (DeFi) field, which is the issuer of the stablecoin Dai. Dai has been listed as one of the base tokens on ONEROOT DEX, and will be listed on several R1-based exchanges, including Bithumb DEX.



Founded in 2014,MakerDao is a decentralized autonomous collateral platform on the Ethereum blockchain. As an Ethereum-based decentralized derivative financial system, MakerDao adopts a dual-token model:(1)the Dai token: a stablecoin pegged at USD $1.00; and (2)the MKR token: a token that provides voting and governance rights over the Maker platform. Through this model, MakerDAO enables the entire decentralized collateral loan system to work.


Different from other stablecoins, Dai acquires value through the over-collateralized loans on cryptocurrency. The multi-collateral guarantees the value of each Dai, removing fears about sharp fluctuations in the price. At the same time, the collateral information, including the security status, is totally open and transparent to everyone. In the case of black swan events, the system will take the measure of emergency suspension, which is the ultimate guarantee of price stability. Therefore, Dai becomes the most reliable stablecoin in the DeFi field.


Why MakerDao? By contrast, the cryptocurrency market bears sharp ups and downs, while the stablecoin has relatively stable value and plays a necessary role in the whole financial system, not to mention that the operation mechanism of Dai is 100% decentralized, transparent and open. The complete transparency isn’t only embodied in Dai itself, but also in the fluctuations and amount of the collateral. In addition, around 60% of the DeFi market uses Dai.

. It only took MakerDao 2 years to grow into a unicorn in this promising field.


R1 “Preferred Project” Plan Is Looking Forward to Your Participation!

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