Monsterillous horribilous,

Simian sapiens

Was seldom seen.

 The hardy few

Who chased him down

Were to come from every town,

To do just that,

To chase him down.

But those who loathed,

This monstrous thing,

Would say that he,

 Was not a thing,

And so the few, were torn in two,

For seldom seen or ever met,

Was this monster on a petty bet.

But one particular lowly man,

Did return with monsters' hand,

And so he was then rent in two,

By those who loathed

 The monsters'thing.


 If apes and caves and go- betweens,

 Can't show to you that monsters few,

Are to hide and yell and moan,

 For all their time lost in the snow,

Then why do we all disbelieve,

Chimera's time,

 Is it because of the loser's dime,

Lodged quite deeply in your heart,

 Til never tell would be the chant,

 And all tell stalwarts that they can't.

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Dove Grey
Dove Grey

I'm an author.

One step forward, two steps back.
One step forward, two steps back.

We can say by metaphysics that our lives are planned and predictable, though seeing the events and situations in our lives in the reality of what they are ontologically there is no interpretation of them that implies greater meaning. From a nihilistic point of view we do not have any lives and there is no meaning. So this is about my views on life.

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