Tiny, tiny in comparison,

Did the physicist float,

His capsule like a minnow,

In a giant moat.


‘Oh hell, oh dear,’ I cried aloud,

As I was tumbling over,

Waking up in the ghostly wail,

Far away from clover.


My life is over, I assumed,

In this stupid earthly boat,

But life was saved by hydrogen,

And I did stay afloat.


Spinning, turning like a wheel,

While orbiting the moon,

Wish to be by my best girl,

Instead I sorely swoon.


Imprisoned in a giant craft,

Imprisoned by the moon,

He shouts, he wails and he gasps,

But fumbles for control.


The Soyuz ship it spun around,

The Soyuz ship it swerved.

In the void there was no sound,

But its trajectory did merge.


To be aimed a while back to Earth,

To leave behind the rock,

And he fell in fire bright,

To splash down and dock.

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Dove Grey
Dove Grey

I'm an author.

One step forward, two steps back.
One step forward, two steps back.

We can say by metaphysics that our lives are planned and predictable, though seeing the events and situations in our lives in the reality of what they are ontologically there is no interpretation of them that implies greater meaning. From a nihilistic point of view we do not have any lives and there is no meaning. So this is about my views on life.

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