What?? Japanese Anime Blockchain?

What?? Japanese Anime Blockchain?


We know that every year the audience,fan,viewers in the anime are keeps growing globally. The no. 1 anime industry in the world is Japan. Anime artists have to deal with a tough work ecosystem to earn just a small paycheck. 



Twilight Coin a company based in Japan states the current situation prevails the quality and quantity of Japanese Anime culture will undergo a decline and they  planning to employ two different formats in order to help anime artists earn decent incentives while keeping their loyal fanbase satisfied.

They will use Ethereum Blockchain (ETH). In response to their contributions the fans to get exclusive material such as original drawings, tickets and autographs of the artists. The data regarding ownership of these materials would be stored on the blockchain. These funds allow the artists financial freedom to make their projects a reality and the investors are given regular updates regarding the progress of the art work.



(A decentralized crowdfunding platform for Anime Creators and Fans.)

They believe that they can do an unprecedented innovation against this severe circumstances surrounding anime creators by blockchain technology.

They will create a boy meets girl story and fall in love and it will release this coming 2019 a Hakubo production based in Jpan.

The leading character, Sachi Koyama, plays the violin, picking up the real violin, and while also referring to the movements of the players hands, we have been talking with long hours so that we can express the delicate movements. The director Yamamoto even start studying the violin for the production of this work.

Based In 2017, 1,225 people donated to getting Hakubo into production via the Campfire platform – contributing at least 21 million yen ($185,521 at today’s rates).  Hakubo was the art work of famous animation director Yutaka Yamamato and the idea of the anime series came to his mind almost twenty years ago. 

So how it works?



The twilight project made by Japan started in Nov. 15th 12:00 (UTC) this is the first pre-sale

Pre-Sale: $0.3Mn
Sofr Cap: $1.5Mn
Hardcap: $20Mn













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