Project Hydro and ColonyNetwork dApps Store 3rd Party Partner

Hydro is excited to bring Colony into the dApp Store as a 3rd Party Partner. With Colonyjs #developers can build powerful applications and services that interact with the colonyNetwork.

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Project Hydro is an open-source blockchain project, with a global community dedicated to solving the unbanked problem.

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The Hydro dApp StoreHydro Labs has been building a scalable – built from the ground up, decentralized marketplace for dApps built on our core protocol called Snowflake. This marketplace allows a developer to build an application and submit it to the store from anywhere in the world.

The good news is any developer can add any dApps to the Hydro dApps store.





The Colony infrastructure enables for a native organization. Anyone can build applications that incentivize engagement, that can generate revenue and create growth autonomously. They built their platform on the Ethereum blockchain, not in the cloud. Their organization is for the internet so they create, operate, and monetize Digital Companies that succeed through self-organization.

This is the fastest way to build Cryptoeconomic Applications. Cryptoeconomics are rules that are coded into protocols and deliver the framework for how participants of a network to interact with each other through a peer to peer (p2p)network. It can create a secure, valuable and trustworthy system.




The Complete Toolkit for Digital Companies


Define structure

Use Domains to divide your colony into teams, units, circles, projects, or whatever makes sense.


Distribute authority

Powerful Permissions give individuals, groups, or even apps customizable decision authority in each Domain.


Allocate budgets

Domains can directly manage funds allocated to them, with flexibility to temper autonomy with oversight.


Coordinate work

Define, incentivize, and coordinate delivery of the product that provides your colony's value.


Streamline payments

From gigs and tips, to salaries and revenue sharing Colony simplifies compensation complexity.


Quantify performance

Doing great work earns you Reputation for the skills you used and domains to which you contributed.


Your Colony, Your Rules

From benevolent dictatorship to democratic cooperative, Colony is modular and customisable, giving you total flexibility, and enabling safe experimentation and gradual adoption.

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Ken(Crypto Reporters)

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One of the greatest coin Hydro
One of the greatest coin Hydro

Hydro is an open-source project, with a global community dedicated to simplifying blockchain adoption.

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