My Eth/USD Success! Team Cryp2Owl Trading Ideas!


ETHEREUM/USDT BINANCE Correction and Impulse Scenario Wave 2 & 3

This is the first time I posted one of my friends Trading ideas about Ethereum and USDT on Binance Trade.


Our prediction went success when we do our first target which is 0.618 $171.95 We buy out $172 and our breakout is 0.5 $174

Take a look and see what happen next!


Now it reaches almost $210 we expect a pullback a little bit. $205 and the target would be $220.

Every tip that you've made is our humble thanks!   You can follow us here for social media Twitter    

Remember TECHNICAL ANALYSIS is all about probabilities and based on previous market performance(not all about certainty)
Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes,it is not intended as a financial advice.
The analyst won't be responsible for a loss of fund. Trader should be able to manage risk.


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Ken(Crypto Reporters)
Ken(Crypto Reporters)

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One of the greatest coin Hydro

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