OneLove Logo Concepts By @DTLDesign, Please Let Us Know What You Think?

By d00k13 | One Love Decentralization | 15 Apr 2020

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Great #brands are often created through the first initial #creative brainstorming concepts, then executing a million possibilities, then pulling it back a bit and simplifying it all. After all... less is ALWAYS more when it comes to #branding #logo #icons & #symbols.

OneLoveDTube New Brand Concepts Vol.1 @OneLoveDTube

As stated by the designer @DTLDesign in their post about our new logo concept. Sometimes great ideas evolve from a single comment, as it was once before @D00k13 & @DNews came together breathing life into @OneLoveDTube now we see a single comment to @DTLDesign take the next step into our platform neutral branding.


DTube Concept Heart With White D Heart Transparent Heart With Blue D Heart Dark One onelovedtube-concept-a-dtldesign.gif onelovedtube-full-with-D-darkmode@3x.png onelovedtube-hollow-red.svg onelovedtube-full-with-D-lightmode.svg onelovedtube-heart-twocolor-noplaybutton-alt@3x.png


Universal Concept White One Blue One Blue Heart Red One Red Heart White One onelovedtube-concept-minimalicon-dtldesign.gif onelovedtube-1-darkmode-playbtntransparent.svg onelovedtube-1-lightmode-playbtntransparent.svg onelovedtube-heart-twocolor-noplaybutton-alt2@3x.png onelovedtube-heart-twocolor-noplaybutton@3x.png


DTube Logo With Play Symbol DTube Logo With Heart Above DTube Logo Without Play Symbol DTube Logo Beside Heart Dark DTube Logo Beside Heart Light best-onelovedtube-a.jpg 1lovedtube-e.jpg 1lovedtube-b.jpg onelovedtube-icon-next-to-dtube-lightmode.svg onelovedtube-icon-next-to-dtube-darkmode.svg


A fairly simple yet catchy design even just the "1" without the heart still has a memorable look. Bringing in all aspects of what One Love is all about, One People, One Purpose, using this simple logo concept we will be able to expand into which even avenue while staying obviously connected to our teams efforts even if a heart is not fitting 😅

As this is the first run we would like some feedback, suggestions, also support for the creator of these concepts. Please do checkout @DTLDesign's blog page and show some support for their post and vote/reblog this post as further appreciation 50% beneficiary has been set.

Thanks For Your Feedback 🙏





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