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Today, I would like to say few words on how to avoid problems with scam coins.

Few examples to avoid problems :

1. We are creating NEW Youtube, Amazon, or Facebook ... Before You invest in something like that You should ask Yourself who can really kill real massive services like Youtube Amazon or Facebook and do we really need to have decentralized services like that we have a Steemit blog and it was nice until was blog only after price goes down they simply start dismiss employess.

2. If they promise You they are building a massive platform that will be world wide in most cases is at 90% a scam until now I dont see any world wide platform that is taking full world under control.

3. Tokens ... this is most funny part pefore You put Your investment to buy token realize that most of them is based on ICO or crowdfunding what that means is simple. They are looking for funds to start their project and in here You need to ask Your self from where they will get more funds to pay team , marketers and other staff members to keep project ongoing.


Cryptocurrency CCY

Here I would like to say few words about Cryptocurrency CCY coin that is building Insurance Platform for Investors. At the moment of writing that article they have sold round 10 Masternodes and their basic idea can be a good solution for scam projects and secure up to 50 % of Your Investment.

First thing was Funds :

I was thinking from where they will get funds to pay for them, I mean team marketers and other things. 

On Bitcoin Talk I read that they will get money from peoples that they will insure but they will dont take all money that are comming in,

in first year they want to take only 1 % from total income and from that amount also 30 first investors will get 0.1 % from Insurance Platform Income.

By that I can realize they are not greedy of course in future they will take more procentage from income but not more than 10% maximum to make good amount of funds backed in their Insurance Platform.

The coins that are eglible for insurance will be choosen wise and after market research , they also plan to list coin on Insurance Platform when developer of "x" coin will pay for that , the price should be flexible based on rate of coin maked by review of their team.

This can make more coins that are comming to game more stable from what I know if You will insure and sell coins Your Insurance will die and You will don't get any refund.

In my opinion Building Financial based on clients can make that Platform and Team really a game changers not only for community of investors but also for developers that are ready to pay for list their coin and by that they can show investors that coin is not a scam , but anyway if will be always You will get back 50% back that is better to get that than nothing. Im keeping my eyes on that project and fingers crossed.

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